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2022 NFL Draft
(Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

2022 NFL Draft Tight End Rankings

2022 NFL Draft
Greg Dulcich tops the Vendetta 2022 NFL Draft tight end rankings. Check out the rest of the list inside the post! (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

2022 NFL Draft Tight End Rankings

Like the quarterbacks, don’t get your hopes up with this tight end class. The 2022 NFL Draft should feature a number of good players, but good luck finding a productive tight end. There isn’t a ton of clarity at the position this year so teams will do a lot of dart throwing this year. Let’s rank the tight ends heading into the 2022 NFL Draft!

1. Greg Dulcich (UCLA)

Dulcich is about as good as you’re going to get with this tight end class. 6-foot-4, 243, and runs under 4.7. Yeah, that’s probably good enough to be TE1 right there. Dulcich was the first team All-Pac 12 TE this year. A year ago, the UCLA product had 42 catches for 725 yards and five touchdowns. Not bad production either.

I don’t think Dulcich is going to be a world beater but I do think he can be productive. He’s really good on those zone beaters. Sneaky fast. Not the best contested guy but has some explosion. 17.6 yards per catch for his career is damn good.

2. Trey McBride (Colorado State)

Trey McBride is fine. He’s fine. He’s alright? Yeah, good luck.

Good size at 6-foot-4. Didn’t run a 40. Kinda looks like an H-Back. Can catch. Is a former John Mackey Award winner. Tries in the run game. Large hands but it’s weird because he doesn’t play large. Just one receiving touchdown last year. Not a red zone guy. Play speed is not great but can run and create YAC.

3. Jalen Wydermyer (Texas A&M)

This is your boom or bust guy. Certainly could easily be the best in the class. The problem is, I’m leaning towards him flaming out so he comes in at three. That should tell you everything you need to know in this tight end class.

Just isn’t wiry like Martellus Bennett. Thicker but way slower. Kinda even looks lazy. Really big body and intriguing athlete. Just really tries his best to look and play like a bum. Could be a team dependent kind of guy.

4. Jelani Woods (Virginia)

This is your project guy. Really high ceiling play. 4.61 at 6-foot-7 and you have my attention, sir. 24 bench press reps which indicates he’s a hard worker. You don’t get 24 reps with arms that long without working on it.

Redshirt senior but there is more growth to be had here. The guy is a former quarterback (and pretty good one in high school). Originally went to Okie State but ended at Virginia where he won All-ACC honors. Not a ton of wiggle but you can imagine in your head this guy becoming a weapon.

5. Chigoziem Okonkwo (Maryland)

I mean he ran fast? That’s about the best you’re going to get. Thought his combine stunk but he’s fast so there is that. Dude, you’re throwing darts here. You can’t be picky. If TE5 is fast that’s about as good as you’re getting.

6. Cade Otton (Washington)

Haven’t seen much of Cade Otton. From the little I’ve seen, he gets open alright. Good size. No combine at all and has missed a ton of time with injuries. That’s all I got.

7. Cole Turner (Nevada)

This is your former basketball player that you hope turns into something. Him and Charlie Kolar are the same guy. Pick which one you like more. I’ll go with Turner because I think he’s not as soft.

8. Charlie Kolar (Iowa State)

9. Peyton Hendershot (Indiana)

Has no real upside. Can catch. Can block. No athletic ceiling.

10. Grant Calcaterra (SMU)

Had enough talent to attend Oklahoma. Kinda fit as the poor man Mark Andrews at times. Good enough to make the list!


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