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John Metchie
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John Metchie 2022 NFL Draft Profile

John Metchie
John Metchie is just one of many talented wide receivers in the 2022 NFL Draft. Read up on his draft profile about what to expect next! (Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports Marvin Gentry)

John Metchie 2022 NFL Draft Profile

I can’t remember an Alabama wide receiver having less buzz than John Metchie does right now. Heading into the 2022 NFL Draft, we have a dominant Bama receiver that has no hype? How does that happen? Well, what better time than to dive right into the draft profile for Metchie!

Metchie had a different NFL journey than most prospects. He was born in Taiwan, eventually moved to Ghana, then moved to Canada, then played his HS football in Maryland. He was still good enough to be on Bama’s radar despite all that moving around.

I also love the fact that Metchie played meaningful snaps for all three years of his career. Metchie played in all 13 games as a freshman. He was then a monster part of the 2020 National Championship team starting 11 of 13 games for the injured Jaylen Waddle. Metchie tore his ACL in the SEC title game but still earned All-SEC honors.

Metchie can serve as a slot guy and dangerous deep threat for whoever drafts him. Metchie is a really underrated route runner. While he may not have that extra gear that Jameson Williams has going deep, Metchie is great as a deep ball tracker.

Metchie separates more than fine and can do so from the slot or outside. Some have knocked his pure speed but I don’t really see it as a question mark at all. He’s got really quick feet and actually deserves more love for just his ability to win routes. Metchie could stand to be better winning 50-50 balls but he’s actually really scrappy in the run game. Really good blocker. I think that other stuff with his hands will come.

I wouldn’t call Metchie Henry Ruggs fast but I do think he’s more complete. To me, Ruggs was way overhyped as a first round guy (or maybe too risky to be a first round guy). With Metchie, you’re already getting him at a discounted price. He’s probably going to go somewhere in the third round which is awesome value.

I’m in on Metchie. You should be too. All these Bama guys are talented. Metchie proved he is too by just seeing the field when guys like Ruggs, Waddle, Jeudy, and Smith were there. I’m not sure why this is the case but Metchie feels lost in the shuffle and I’m more than okay with that. Sign me up.

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