Carson Wentz
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles have failed Carson Wentz. When the Eagles took Jalen Hurts in the second round, everyone knew what was coming. Head Coach Doug Pederson didn’t want Wentz anymore, and sabotaged his own quarterback to make the move easier. A story from ESPN hinted at the (obvious) fact that if Hurts continues to start, Wentz will want out of Philadelphia. If Wentz does move on, where will he go? Here are his top five options.

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts may be the best of the five potential teams. Indianapolis finally has a good offensive line, a good run game, and the defense isn’t bad either. T.Y. Hilton isn’t the receiver he used to be, meaning there are limited weapons for Wentz to throw to. But Wentz has been throwing it to guys who worked at Denny’s the week before. He should be fine with what the Colts have.

The Colts also have an aging QB in Philip Rivers. He’s been ok this season, but an actual quarterback would do wonders for Indianapolis. The Tennessee Titans have been the dominant force in the AFC South for the past few years, but even with Rivers at quarterback, the Colts are right on Tennessee’s tail. Do what you have to do to get Wentz in Indianapolis. Plus, I’ve always loved the simplicity of the cobalt and white jerseys. I think Wentz would look good in one.

New Orleans Saints

Sean Payton has hinted that this may be Drew Brees’ last season with the Saints. I know New Orleans has Jameis Winston waiting in the wings, but why not go for the more for sure thing in Wentz? Taysom Hill is not the future of the Saints, and the actions of the coaching staff seem to mean they don’t have high hopes for Winston.

As far as weapons go, how does Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara sound? The line could be better, but isn’t awful. New Orleans also has a strong defense, and the offense actually utilizes the run game effectively. Wentz would flourish under the guise of one of the greatest head coaches in the NFL. Payton is an underrated coach who has helped coach this team to win after win. Now, it’s time to reward him with his quarterback of the future.

Chicago Bears

Mitch Trubisky was destined to fail in the NFL. Don’t let this season fool you. The Bears need a REAL quarterback calling the shots. Wentz would do just that for them. Wentz also brings something to the team the Bears have not had in decades, success. As far as the Bears overall, they still have a bit to go in order to compete. Allen Robinson is about the only name on offense that jumps off the page. To be honest, the Bears are probably the weaker of the five options. But still a better situation than the Eagles currently.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers are having a spectacular season. But their biggest shortcoming has come on offense, and it all starts with Big Ben. Roethlisberger has not been great this year, and it causes the offense to stall at times. Be it Ben’s last year or not, bringing Wentz in would be huge for Pittsburgh’s future. They bring in another great quarterback who has what it takes to win games. Wentz is much more mobile than Ben, opening up the playbook some and giving the Steelers a chance to salvage a drive in the play is busted up.

This defense is top five in the NFL. As far as weapons go, Wentz would have the opposite problem in Pittsburgh than he did in Philadelphia. The running game has been somewhat lacking, but an easy finger to point for the offensive woes is their offensive coordinator, Randy Fichtner. Get a new coordinator, and a new quarterback, then maybe the Steelers get back to their Super Bowl ways.

New York Giants

Going to the divisional rival Giants and succeeded would be the ultimate middle finger by Wentz to the Eagles. The Giants are getting better, but still have a lot of holes to fill. Daniel Jones probably won’t cut it if the Giants want to win a Super Bowl. Wentz is a good enough of an upgrade to elevate this team to the playoffs, and perhaps even win the NFC East.

Receiving core is ok, but not great. Saquon Barkley can take the pressure off Wentz, and even provide a nice receiving option out of the backfield. The defense is continuing to improve, which is a positive sign. Joe Judge is coaching this team well, and is establishing the right type of culture with the Giants. If no changes were made, and everyone was healthy, Wentz would walk in day one and elevate this team into the playoffs. That’s how close the Giants are, and that’s how good Wentz is.

There are some other options for Carson Wentz, but these present the best situations that could potentially lead to a chance at a Super Bowl. Wentz is a good quarterback. I get tired of seeing the Wentz slander in the media and on Twitter. I feel like all of us here at Vendetta are the only ones who actually know football, and recognize a good quarterback when we see one. Sam Darnold is in a similar situation, but that is another talk for another time. Stop the Wentz slander, get him out of Philadelphia, and put that man on a team that will support him.