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Carson Wentz

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Defending Carson Wentz Is Incredibly Easy

Carson Wentz
Defending Carson Wentz is incredibly easy. Quarterbacks in their prime don’t magically suck. Wentz is the last person to blame in Philadelphia. (Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports)

Defending Carson Wentz Is Incredibly Easy

Quarterback wins, he gets all the credit. Quarterback loses, he stinks. We get it, 99 percent of the NFL community isn’t smart. Therefore, it’s not surprising there is a large group of people that hate Carson Wentz.

We all know that group. The uneducated fan that again, blames or praises the quarterback for everything. Wentz is one of the best quarterbacks in the league and is incredibly easy to defend against the haters. It’s actually annoying that this post even has to be written in the first place.

Derek Carr finally isn’t getting crushed this year. He’s always been a solid B level quarterback and is the same guy he’s been in four straight years. The only difference is he finally has a decent supporting cast and is finally comfortable in Jon Gruden’s system. He didn’t just suddenly get good overnight.

Wentz was a lock to win the MVP in 2017 prior to his ACL injury. Now the guy can’t play? That’s not how life works. You don’t just start sucking during your prime. We’re not talking about someone like Mitch Trubisky who was getting by with smoke and mirrors. Wentz’s skill set hasn’t diminished.

Wentz’s drop off has been dramatic:

This type of drop off doesn’t just happen. The other guys on this list experienced this drop off because of age. Nobody just magically sucks at age 28. Of course, this one is very explainable because Wentz isn’t problem 11, 12, or 13 in Philadelphia.

One quarterback doesn’t just magically change the franchise. Deshaun Watson is playing his ass off. The Houston Texans still suck. That’s what happens when you have Bill O’Brien run your franchise into the ground.

Philip Rivers couldn’t be playing worse. Rivers has nothing left and is the least dynamic quarterback in the league right now. The Colts are 7-4 and right in the middle of the playoff race. WHY? Frank Reich is a hell of a football coach and the Colts have allowed the fewest sacks in the NFL. It’s almost like coaching and offensive line plays matter. Weird…

Carson Wentz is currently the most sacked, pressured, and hit quarterback in the NFL. I don’t care who you are, you don’t win games with terrible offensive line play. Watson isn’t winning games with his shitty situation either.

Having a bad offensive line isn’t the only problem. Somehow Doug Pederson has just been given credit as a solid head coach. It’s no secret that Frank Reich orchestrated the 2017 Super Bowl win. Nick Foles gave Reich essentially all of the credit. Philadelphia’s offense has been a mess since Reich left. Meanwhile, Reich keeps winning in Indianapolis with inferior talent. Weird….

Are we forgetting that Pederson was a high school coach that Andy Reid didn’t allow to call plays? Pederson’s offense with the Eagles is so predictable and uncreative. There’s no motion, we all know when the screen pass is coming, and Pederson refuses to establish the run. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Philadelphia is not a well coached football team.

Nobody deserves more blame than Howie Roseman. If you were to hand out the blame pie, no less than 80% goes to Roseman.

Nothing has changed from this moment. Roseman should be thrown in jail for roster mismanagement because I’m not sure anybody has drafted worse over the last two years.

Somehow the guy that drafted JJ Arcega-Whiteside over DK Metcalf is getting a pass? Somehow the guy that drafted Jalen Reagor over Justin Jefferson is getting a pass? Nobody is more at blame than Roseman.

Roseman has failed to put together even an average wide receiver group. Roseman didn’t just miss on Metcalf and Jefferson. The two guys he picked can’t fucking play a lick!

Alshon Jeffery looks like a deer that got shot when he tries to run. You have a better chance of catching corona than you do watching DeSean Jackson finish a game healthy. Something called Travis Fulgham who couldn’t make Detroit’s roster is somehow a thing in Philadelphia.

I don’t care who the quarterback is, they’re not winning with this team. It can’t be done. No, one player is not good enough to overcome 53 players of dysfunction. It doesn’t work like that.

Go ahead, run Wentz out of town. See what happens. Give him to Indianapolis and see what happens. What’s more delusional; thinking Wentz sucks or that Jalen Hurts is the savior? I have news for those people too. Hurts doesn’t have a prayer at becoming a franchise quarterback.

I could do this all day but there’s no point. If you’re dumb enough to think that Carson Wentz is the problem in Philadelphia, then you need to get your own head checked. The only thing I do know is the city of Philadelphia deserves better because they’re being lied to.


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