Sean Payton
Sean Payton is the most underrated coach in the NFL. It’s time to appreciate just how good the current New Orleans Saints head coach is. (Brian Blanco/Getty Images)

Sean Payton Is The Most Underrated Coach In The NFL

When you think of the best coaches in the NFL, names like Bill Belichick and Andy Reid automatically come to mind. Coaching rankings have become a hot topic after the analytics nerds got into the mix and tried to rank them. Somehow despite the Saints having the top seed in the NFC, Sean Payton continues to be overlooked.

Payton never gets the respect he deserves and has clearly proven he’s elite. I’m not sure there is a more underrated coach in the NFL. Every single year the Saints are in the mix and a lot of it has to do with the former Bill Parcells disciple.

Winning with back up quarterbacks is hard or at least it should be. Not only is Payton winning with back ups on a consistent basis, he’s almost better with them. Over the last two years, Payton is 8-0 when Teddy Bridgewater and Taysom Hill start for the Saints. Is there a more impressive coaching stat out there that exists?

Think about what Payton has done with Taysom Hill. Is there another coach in the league that could have taken an undrafted quarterback from BYU and turned him into a jack of all trades? Now Hill is purely a quarterback and he’s winning.

The Saints were not a well run franchise historically. They were known as the Aints. Payton has been the head coach since 2006 and is 141-79 in his coaching career. He hasn’t always had premier talent either. The guy is just a brilliant offensive mind.

Drew Brees is going to be a first ballot Hall of Famer. He’s one of the best ever. However, Payton doesn’t get enough credit for turning Brees into the guy he became. Remember, Brees was really a nobody with the Chargers. It’s amazing how people have forgotten that.

We’re so impatient with quarterbacks today. Drew Brees had a touchdown to interception ratio of 11-15 in his third NFL season. Today he would have been cast aside and turned into a backup. Your supporting cast and coaching staff MATTERS.

Brees was an afterthought coming off a major injury and was let go in favor of Philip Rivers. Now Brees is a living legend and will be remembered forever. Sean Payton helped that happen.

It’s time to appreciate just how good Sean Payton is. There is no question he is among the best of the best. If it weren’t for a couple of unfortunate bounces, the Saints would probably have another championship or two. There is no question Payton is among the best of the best.