Drew Brees
Brees is washed and the Saints know it. (Chuck Cook -USA TODAY Sports)

Drew Brees is officially done. Brees didn’t have a slow decline like most of the older quarterbacks either. He fell off a cliff and hit bottom hard. Last night on Monday Night Football, Brees started the game throwing some terrible balls. Almost all of his throws in the first half were low and off-target, or they were way too high, falling into the Chargers’ laps. Now, Brees can still run an offense and be efficient enough to win against bad teams. But sooner or later, that won’t be enough.

Drew Brees Can’t Get It Done

The Saints signal-caller can’t throw more than ten yards downfield. He relies way too much on his playmakers, gaining yards after the catch. The inability to take deep shots was killing the Saints against a solid Chargers defense. They managed to squeak out a win, but that speaks more to the Chargers being unable to close games. Granted, maybe Brees has looked this bad through the first five games of the year because Micheal Thomas hasn’t played. However, he still has more weapons than most QB’s do.

Sean Payton Is Starting To Lose Faith In Brees

Sean Payton doesn’t even trust Brees on key plays anymore. Taysom Hill, the Saints backup QB that can play multiple positions, was in the game whenever the Saints needed a touchdown or first down in critical moments. Late in the fourth quarter, the Saints were down 27-20 and needed a score badly. Payton took Brees out and put Hill in at quarterback; Hill then ran it for a score. The use of this gadget QB is very gimmicky and won’t work against good teams. However, Brees’s inability to perform on the Pro-Bowl level everyone is used to leads to Saints to pull plays like this out of the playbook.

Commander-in-chief of Vendetta Sports, Trey Daubert, has been saying for weeks that Brees is washed. And everyone else is starting to see it as well. If Brees still can’t run a fluid offense when Thomas comes back after the BYE week. It won’t be a surprise if we see Jamies Winston under center for the Saints. Father Time has come knocking at Brees’ door; it’s only a matter of time before that door opens.