Daniel Jones
(Bill Kostroun/Associated Press)

Daniel Jones’s debut against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers gave the Giants a false sense of hope. Since that start in 2019, Jones has regressed, and the Giants continue to lose.

Daniel Jones Just Can’t Stay Away From the Turnovers

Jones has turned the ball over in 20 of his 21 NFL starts. That’s almost impossible to replicate. Virtually every quarterback in the NFL has good days and bad days. However, it seems Jones only has terrible days.

Suppose Jones manages only to have one turnover; that’s a good day for him. The Giants are not good enough to overcome boneheaded turnovers. The only way New York can win with Jones is if he has a stellar team around him. Last night on Monday Night Football, that’s what happened.

Jones had two terrible turnovers, the second coming in the fourth quarter. Which, in turn, led to a Buccaneers touchdown and took the lead to five points. The Bucs eventually go up eight with three minutes to go. And then the best part is Jones makes a great throw to Golden Tate in the back of the endzone on the final drive. Only to fail the two-point conversion with his hesitation on the throw. And Tom Brady having the refs in his pocket.

Jones Has the Worst Growing Pains I’ve Ever Seen

Mistakes with young quarterbacks are expected. But, in year two, they are supposed to diminish. Not, Jones, he has a much worse year than he did last year. And the turnovers are killing him.

The playcalling can be blamed, the personel can be blamed, but Jones has to get better. There is no need to throw interceptions when wrapped up for a sack that makes a lousy play even worse. Jones has way too many of these plays.

Week in week out, it’s the same story. With young quarterbacks, you want to see the progression. I’ve watched every Giants game this year; I see it firsthand. Jones has made no progression from week to week. He’ll make one good play than one terrible one. He’ll have one good quarter then one terrible one.

The regression and ineptitude of Jones and the Giants are appalling. It must be addressed, and hopefully, the Dave Gettleman era will be over soon. And the Giants can start fresh.

Nevertheless, I have changed my tune on Jones. He is not the guy the Giants need. My advice to the Giants would be to pick in the top five in this year’s draft; Justin Fields looks very promising. And of course, if by some strange divine intervention the Jets win a couple of games, take Trevor Lawrence.


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