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Carson Wentz

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The Colts Should Trade For Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz
The Indianapolis Colts should pull the trigger on a Carson Wentz trade. The Colts are the perfect landing spot for Wentz. (Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports)

The Carson Wentz era is over in Philadelphia. When you bench someone for Jalen Hurts, it’s over. For some reason, the city of Philadelphia has a weird fetish for below average back up quarterbacks. Nick Foles, Jeff Garcia, Ty Detmer, AJ Feeley, Kevin Kobb, and now Hurts. Neither of them are any good but as always, Eagles fans are irrational.

Carson Wentz is a top ten talent at the quarterback position. If you disagree, it’s because you don’t know football. Philadelphia is going to have suitors for Wentz. One team just makes more sense than any other. That’s the Indianapolis Colts. They’re the perfect team to bring in Wentz.

The media in Philadelphia is brutal. This is the same fan base and media that got tired of Andy Reid. It’s hard to find an Eagles fan with a sane mind. Wentz has to be tired of it. Who wouldn’t be? Wentz was drafted out of North Dakota State. Returning to a city like Indianapolis where he can go out to hunt and fish is ideal.

Howie Roseman should be public enemy number one in Philadelphia today. The guy continues to get away with murder in the city. The only difference is the common fan isn’t smart enough to follow roster construction. Wentz is the most sacked, hit, and pressured quarterback in the league. It does not matter who the quarterback is, you’re not winning football games under that circumstance.

Don’t try to tell me it’s a mobility or awareness issue either. Hurts was sacked three times on 12 total attempts. You sound dumb. The offensive line in Philadelphia couldn’t be more of an issue.

Indianapolis arguable has the best offensive line in football and are winning games with washed up Philip Rivers. The Colts have a QB that can’t move at all and have given up 14 sacks on the entire season. That’s the third best mark in football. The top 10 teams that have allowed the fewest sacks in the league all have winning records. Offensive lines matter…

It’s no secret that the Eagles offense has taken a nose dive since Frank Reich left for Indianapolis. Wentz would have won the MVP award when Reich was his offensive coordintor and never played at a higher level. Well, reuniting with the coach that guided him towards his best football only makes more sense.

Roseman should be thrown in jail for the wide receivers he has collected for this roster. Paying Alshon Jeffery big money is a joke. Guy looks like he got hit by a car and hasn’t recovered. Roseman passed on DK Metcalf for JJ Arcega-Whiteside who is essentially a healthy scratch every week. Roseman passed on Justin Jefferson for Jalen Reagor. Of course, the common fan still won’t blame the general manager for draft picks detrimental to the team.

Indianapolis isn’t rich with weapons but it’s better than what Philadelphia has put out there. Michael Pittman at least looks like he can play. The trio of tight ends (Jack Doyle, Trey Burton, and Mo Allie Cox) are stable. Unless you’re Howie, it’s not hard to find a receiver now. The Colts could easily draft someone like Rondale Moore and sign a free agent like Allen Robinson to complete the room.

Don’t tell me Carson Wentz isn’t tradeable. Sure, the Eagles will eat $33 million in dead cap by trading him. You also can’t keep a $128 million quarterback on the bench. It’s the only alternative. If the 76ers can trade Al Horford, anything is possible.

For Indy, the obvious still exists. You’re never going to be able to draft someone with Wentz’s ability because they’re winning too many games. Acquiring Wentz is the best and only alternative.

I just want all the haters to keep that same energy if Wentz gets traded to Indianapolis. You will have to acknowledge you know nothing about football because Wentz is a premier QB talent.

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