Antonio Brown
The Raiders have finalized a trade for Antonio Brown (Matt Sunday/DKPS)

The Antonio Brown saga is finally coming to an end. The Oakland Raiders are finalizing a trade for AB. The Raiders will send a 3rd and 5th round draft choice to the Steelers for Brown. He will also receive a new contract as part of the trade. The rebuilding Raiders add a 30-year old receiver. Typical Raiders.

Since Ian Rapoport lied the first time, here’s the following news from Adam Schefter:

Brown apparently wanted no part of Buffalo but he does like the idea of rocking the Silver and Black. He posted a photo shop picture of him wearing the Raiders jersey. I have to say, Brown looks pretty good in the Raiders uniform. Then again, I love the Raiders uniforms.

I just don’t understand the move for the Raiders. They are just making shit up. How do you trade away a 24-year-old Amari Cooper and then turn around and trade for a 30-year-old Antonio Brown. This is a total rebuild. The Raiders won’t win with or without Antonio Brown.

The only defense you can make for this trade is giving Derek Carr one last shot. If he sucks with Antonio Brown, then you know it’s time to move on. I’m shocked Mike Mayock made this move. As a draft guy, I can’t believe he parted with two draft picks. This had to be a Jon Gruden move.

Antonio Brown is still a really good player. That’s the good news. In 2018, Brown caught 104 balls for 1,297 yards and 15 touchdowns. Good luck putting up that same kind of production with the Raiders. I bet by week 3, Brown will start to miss Big Ben. Will Gruden keep Brown in line? Seems rather doubtful.