Mike Mayock
Mike Mayock is the new Raiders general manager and it’s a sad day for all of us (Trevor Ruszkowski/USA TODAY Sports

It’s hard to find smart people in this world. It’s even harder to find intelligent people who are capable of conveying canny comments on live television. When it comes to the NFL Draft, no one is better than Mike Mayock. Unfortunately for us, he will no longer appear on NFL Network for draft coverage because the Raiders hired him as their new general manager.

Adam Schefter of ESPN was the first to report the news:

This is such a bitter sweet day. On one hand, this f*cking sucks. Draft coverage will never be the same. Mayock made the draft fun. His comments such as “dancing bear” for athletic defensive/offensive lineman is such perfect way to phrase it. Mayock always knew what he was talking about and sounded intelligent even if I didn’t agree with his comments.

I don’t know how NFL Network is going to replace him. They have to compete with Mel Kiper (who is iconic because he was just the first guy) and Todd McShay (who I’m not sure is smart but does have a lot of contacts so he’s always up to date with what’s going on). For the viewers sake, I truly hope Charles Davis and Daniel Jeremiah do not get the promotion. It’s sickening to watch Davis and Jeremiah just copy everything Mayock says and phrase it in a different way.

On the other hand, this is the perfect job for Mayock. I’m truly happy for the guy. Mayock is a great personnel guy who now has three first round picks to work with this year. Now we’re going to find out if Mayock was actually smart enough to build a team or if he was just pumping bs. This is a true rebuild that features numerous picks to get it off the ground. I think we forget a lot of these TV personalities have 20-30 people working for them.

I’m officially throwing my hat in the ring for the head NFL Network draft analyst gig. I’m not famous enough to get the job but I’m a hell of a lot more talented then the next guy that will get the job. Do us all a favor NFL Network and give me the job so the coverage doesn’t lose a step.