Ian Rapoport
It turns out Ian Rapoport sucks at his job. This isn’t the first time he turned into a lying sack of shit (NFL Network Image)

NFL Reporters are really starting to piss me off. Twitter culture has made it more important to be first, than to be right. Ian Rapoport of NFL Network and Adam Schefter of ESPN are the face of NFL reporters and they both suck ass. Schefter had his moments this year. Condoleeza Rice to the Browns? WTF was that? I’m still waiting for that “Bigger Name” in the Bob Kraft story. Now it’s Rap Sheet’s turn to hear it because he’s a worthless human too.

Rapoport reported that the Bills would become the eventual landing spot for Antonio Brown. Then, he fought like hell hoping that he wasn’t wrong.

Rapoport has officially moved into the category of idiot. F*ck this guy. Oh, Trey, you’re just being harsh. It’s one mistake. Oh, NO, my friends. This F*cker is ALWAYS wrong. It’s not the first, or last time he reported inaccurate information.

I wouldn’t call a quarterback doing wide receiver drills “Common” would you?

This is a good one. Rand Getlin called out Rap Sheet after he reported that Mike Mularkey was staying with the Titans. He was fired shortly after. It turned out that Getlin was also wrong about things too.

We also have this one. Rap Sheet claimed that the Chiefs set up a GM interview with Louis Riddick. Of course, Riddick claimed that was not the case. I would tend to believe Riddick considering the report was about him.

I had to screenshot this next one. I knew it was false at the time. Rapoport claimed Kyler Murray was going to play baseball. His source was Scott Boras hahahhahahahaha. Only known as the biggest lying sack of shit in baseball. This tweet was deleted.

Remember this one too? Josh Gordon was going to get punished by the Patriots in a game against the Bills because he was late? Yeah, never happened. Gordon played virtually every snap.

Long story short, (Trust me I could keep going, there’s even a tweet where he sounds kinda racist about Eric Reid signing with the Panthers with a good ole “there you go” at the end of it) Rapoport is a lying worthless sack of shit. How many times does this guy have to be wrong before NFL Network fires his pathetic ass. We live in a world where we can’t even have one reliable reporter.