Mike Francesa
This is a must watch: Mike Francesa has an epic rant over the Kansas City Model (Mikes On App)

If Comedy Central were to adopt a sports show, Mike Francesa would lead the charge. It is by far the funniest thing on the internet. Not close. For weeks, Francesa has refuted reports that the Giants should consider the Kansas City model. The Kansas City model is having a veteran in place (Alex Smith) and then drafting a quarterback in the first round (Patrick Mahomes). Then having the young quarterback sit for a year to have him take the reigns.

Francesa does not want any part of this strategy. He either wants Eli Manning or the young quarterback. He has no interest in this model. This is a must watch. Take a listen to Mike freak out on a caller:

Below is the full rant

I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. Kevin Hart puts me to sleep. He couldn’t make me laugh if I tried. Dane Cook is just a douche. I couldn’t even force myself to laugh anytime I hear him talk. But Francesa. Now, this is gold. I couldn’t stop laughing.

This caller probably was trying to troll a little. You could tell the caller was really trying to pour it on and get a better reaction. The caller was never going to explain the Kansas City model. Just so good.

If you have been listening to the show, Francesa also wants no part of Dwayne Haskins either. That’s one potential target. He is right about one thing. The Giants do suck. Their roster sucks. They have Odell Beckham, Evan Engram, and a bunch of junk. Not one guy who can play on the defensive side of the ball.

I have the Giants taking Daniel Jones in my mock draft. The Giants are so delusional that they will probably have Eli Manning start until he dies.