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NBA Point Guards Ranked

David Zalubowski/Associated Press

NBA Point Guards Ranked 2020-2021: Vendetta Sport’s Top 10

NBA Point Guards Ranked
David Zalubowski/Associated Press

Last year, we ranked the NBA point guards before the season. Please see how our rankings differ this year compared to last year. Let me explain our process for the rankings. There are six bloggers that participated: Me, Trey Daubert, Karl Heiser, Dacota Haynes, Jackson Law, and Jarrod Prosser. They made a list of 20 PGs and sent it to me. I calculated from there using the numbers from everyone’s rankings and averaged them out. The lower their number their average was, the higher their rank was. With that being said, let’s see how it turned out.

10: Ja Morant

Average Ranking: 9.33

Very surprised Ja made it into the top 10. Even as a big Grizz fan, I think he’s got a long way to go in proving he is a top 10 talent. Although, I am confident that he will be one day. – Jackson Law

Jackson, who’s the biggest Memphis Grizzlies fan we have, couldn’t believe Ja’s ranking. Jackson had ranked Ja Morant at 12, which was the lowest of all of us. I’m convinced about Ja’s talent after his rookie season, let’s see if he proves us right as a top 10 PG.

9: Fred VanVleet

Average Ranking: 8.83

Weird how VanVleet got voted in ahead of Russell Westbrook. Hey, I’m the crazy one though. -Trey Daubert

Naturally, Trey Daubert has been talking his shit all last season after VanVleet’s season, none of us voted VanVleet in our top 20 last year due to sample size. This year, he gets the respect he rightfully deserves.

8: Trae Young

Average Ranking: 8.66

I don’t agree with this one as I had Trae Young at 13 for my list. However, there were 3 lists that had him at 6, 7, 6 respectfully. That balances out to have him at this 8.66 ranking.

7: Kemba Walker

Average Ranking: 8.33

We were split on this one. Three of us had Kemba Walker ranked 10 or higher. I was a part of that group. The other 3 had Kemba at 6 or lower. The latter rankings really helped Kemba here. We will see which 3 is more right about Kemba.

6: Ben Simmons

Average Ranking: 6.3

As you can tell, Ben Simmons’ average is one of the closest to his actually ranking. We’re pretty much in agreement as a team that 6 is rightfully deserved for Ben Simmons.

5: Jamal Murray

Average Ranking: 5.6

Now for the top 5. Jamal Murray tied with the next PG on this list and I express my dissatisfaction in my quote for his ranking. However, Jamal Murray has made a sizable jump and he will continue to do so because he is nowhere near his prime yet.

4: Chris Paul

Average Ranking: 5.6

I personally hate that Chris Paul got voted ahead of Jamal Murray after only a good season when everyone thought he was washed. I had him at 8, but we’ll see if he’s actually better than Jamal Murray this year. – Alex Chick III

You either agree with CP3 being better than Murray or you don’t. CP3 is old and won’t be better than Jamal Murray this year, that’s just my, and correct, take. He was put over Jamal Murray because he was ranked as 3rd on two lists, while Jamal Murray was ranked 4th on two lists.

3: Kyrie Irving

Average Ranking: 4.83

Kyrie was the consensus 3rd pick. Actually, 4 lists had him at 3rd and 1 list had him at 4th. However, in one list, not to list any names (Jarrod), had him at 13. Other than that, he would be as close as to 3 as you can get.

Kyrie at 3? C’mon people. His one-on-one offensive moves are undeniable and there might not be a better ball handler in the NBA BUT…does defense no longer matter? It clearly doesn’t matter to Kyrie. Chemistry? Irving is one of the more polarising players amongst his NBA brethren = just ask how much he’s missed in Boston & Cleveland. Availability? The man is seemingly always injured. I’m shocked and appalled that he’s this high. -Jarrod Prosser

2: Damian Lillard

Average Ranking: 2

The last two rankings were unanimous between all those who participated. Dame is the 2nd best guard in the NBA and there is no doubt about that anymore.

1: Steph Curry

The number 1 pick for the NBA Point Guards ranked list was unanimous. I don’t care if he was injured and no one else did either. Steph Curry is the best PG in the NBA, for me, he is the 2nd best PG ever. There’s no room for any different opinions on that.

PGs That Missed The List?

Most notably, the PGs that missed the list is as follows: De’Aaron Fox, Kyle Lowry, Russell Westbrook, and D’Angelo Russell. These were the highest-ranked PGs outside of the top 10. De’Aaron Fox missed the cut off just barely. He was the next man on the board and then the 3 that follows. If you’re upset about the Russell Westbrook ranking, just know I had him at 9. Trey Daubert and Jackson Law did not have him ranked which gave him a ranking of 21. That killed Russ’s average ranking with 13.66.

Let us know what you think! Did we have it right? Do we have it wrong? What are your thoughts on our NBA Point Guards ranked?




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