Damian Lillard
Steve Dykes/Associated Press

I mean we all knew this, but sometimes, I feel like Damian Lillard is watching us. He senses us when we often forget about him and just balls the fuck out and then we remember he is arguably the best Point Guard in the league. If we’re being honest, with Steph Curry out, he is undoubtedly the best point guard in the league. The Portland Trail Blazers may not be playing well, but Jesus H. Christ, it is not because of Damian Lillard I can assure you of that.

Damian Lillard Stats

First of all, Lillard’s season averages are tremendous on their own. He is having career-highs in some categories this year. Dame is averaging 29.6 PPG this year on 46.1% shooting. Both are career-highs for him. Not only does his 29.6 PPG is the obvious highest of the Blazers, but it is 3rd for the entire NBA. Of those 3 players, he leads them all in APG. He is having a career-high this year in APG with 8. The most impressive thing about Lillard is that in the span of 6 games, he averaged 48 PPG on 55% shooting, 10 APG, and 6.8 RPG. HOLY SHIT. Doing this in one or two games is impressive enough. BUT HE DID THIS IN 6 STRAIGHT GAMES.

Damian Lillard is obviously one of the best in the NBA. Not only the best PG this year, but one of the best players in the NBA in general. Despite the fact that the Blazers are terrible this year, none of that blame should go on Damian Lillard. He is doing more than enough to help the Blazers win games. Most of all, he’s finally getting the respect he deserves. Damian Lillard, I don’t know who made you mad, but I am sorry for them, you are definitely the best PG in the league, maybe even when Steph Curry comes back. Time will tell, but please, just keep ballin’ out like you are.