Chris Paul
Eric Christian Smith/Associated Press

That’s maybe one of the best stories in the NBA: The Chris Paul Revenge Tour. Chris Paul has been on the decline for a while now. While his peak came from his days with the Los Angeles Clippers and lob city. It should be known that I HATED that type of basketball but nonetheless, that is what they played. I was never a big fan of CP3, but I could appreciate his game. When Chris Paul got traded to the Houston Rockets, I thought it was a terrible fit. Which it turned out to be. James Harden was learning how to be a Point Guard and they literally got the one they called Point GOD to be traded to the Rockets. Literally made no sense.

That was a 2-year experiment before James Harden told Morey they HAD to trade CP3. They traded CP3 to the Thunder for Russell Westbrook. Another duo that will not work. Now, CP3, in his first season with the Thunder, is well on their way to making the playoffs and have a chance to play the Rockets in that matchup. (HOPEFULLY) Not only would that make amazing TV, but I think the Thunder will really win that matchup. Chris Paul made the All-Star team as well, even though I wouldn’t have voted him as an all-star, especially not over Devin Booker, he made it nonetheless. That is the first time he has made the All-Star team since 2016.

Chris Paul Revenge Tour

It’s fair to say that the way the Rockets, and more specifically, James Harden and Daryl Morey, treated him has fueled CP3 for his good year this year. CP3 is being petty and I am here for every second of this. Mostly because I hate the Rockets, really just James Harden, so having him fail and making him realize he is cancer would make me so happy. Chris Paul, go off and finish the revenge tour, beat the Rockets in the playoffs, PLEASE.