Danny Ainge
Danny Ainge needs to take advice from the ‘Call Her Daddy’ Podcast (AP Photo/Mary Schwalm)

Yesterday Barstool posted a video from the Call Her Daddy Podcast. The podcast is a fairly new one that gets a ton of hits. It’s not really my thing but for whatever reason this video I watched.

The first person that came to mind was Celtics Gm, Danny Ainge. You should never love someone that doesn’t love you back. I think those are good words to live by. Danny Ainge is not taking that approach. He has his heart set on Anthony Davis. I’m sure Ainge already has Davis printed pajamas that he wears every single night. That’s how much he wants him. The problem is Davis doesn’t want him back. Yesterday, Davis’ agent, Rich Paul confirmed what has been said over and over again. Davis doesn’t want to play for the Celtics.

No video epitomizes the Celtics/Anthony Davis situation than this video. Give it up, dude. It’s a wing and ball handler league anyway. Centers who either can’t shoot or are below average shooters don’t win in the modern NBA anyway. What does Davis do for the Celtics other than keep them in the playoffs? A Davis led team surrounded by the current bandbox of Celtics isn’t winning either.

Please listen to this video, Danny. As far as I’m concerned, Davis is dead, died, and buried. If he doesn’t want to play for the winningest franchise in NBA history, then screw him. Bill Belichick would never want a player like that and neither should you. Anthony Davis doesn’t love you. Stop trying to love him back. It never ends well. It’s not your fault, Danny. Let that rat face Rich Paul be delusional. He called the Lakers Jennifer Lopez. That just goes to show you how stupid he is. It’s okay. That’s not somebody you want anyway.