Anthony Davis
Does Anthony Davis have a low IQ for not wanting to play for the Boston Celtics? (Jesse Johnson/USA TODAY Sports)

Boston wins again. Oh, you haven’t heard? The New England Patriots just won their 6th Super Bowl which ties the Pittsburgh Steelers for the most in NFL history. The Boston Red Sox just won their 4 World Series title since 2004. They have the most World Series Titles by a country mile since the 2000’s began. The Boston championship sweep is in play if the Bruins and Celtics come through.

That leads us to the Boston Celtics who have the most championships in the history of the NBA. The Celtics most recently won the title in 2009 which isn’t too long ago. With the Celtics on the cusp of another championship, Anthony Davis apparently wants no part of being entrenched in a winning culture. Does Anthony Davis have a low IQ for not wanting to play for the Celtics?

Shams Charania had the details of Anthony Davis next destination:

How cute. No Celtics on that list. This proves a couple of things. Number one – Anthony Davis is no alpha. He’s not capable of making decisions for himself. This is clearly a power play move by LeBron James. How can I fuck over the Celtics? I know, by refusing to sign a long term deal with them. That order could only come from one man. LeBron James, the man who now represents (Rich Paul) Anthony Davis. Why else hire LeBron unless you’re a coward.

Davis also is clearly not interested in playing for a team that’s going to the Finals. The Celtics are a lock to make the Finals this year without him. Only an idiot wouldn’t want to play for that team. He’s not interested in playing for the best coach in the NBA. He’s not interested in playing for the best general manager in the sport. He’s not interested in playing for the winningest franchise in the sport. Nope. Only a smart person would realize that his best chance at winning is with the Celtics.

Instead, he’s interested pairing with a rapidly aging LeBron James and no other pieces. Apparently, he’s interested in becoming the next Kevin Love or Chris Bosh who gets worse and receives all the blame when things go poorly. He’s interested in the Knicks who currently have the worst record in the NBA and are currently trying to lose. He’s interested in the Bucks where he wouldn’t even be the best big man on his own team. He’s interested in the Clippers who have never won anything.

That could only mean one thing. Anthony Davis is what we would call a stupid human being. That’s fine Anthony, because I’m not interested in you. You know why? Centers don’t impact this league. Centers who are always hurt are a useless commodity. I didn’t want you on the Celtics to begin with. Now I really don’t want you. Boston will be just fine without you. You know why? Because we always win. The Patriots always win. The Red Sox have been winning a hell of a lot. The Celtics are one of the best run franchises in the NBA. Hell, even the Bruins are pretty good. Only one type of person wouldn’t want to be a part of that town. A dumb person.