Greg Roman
Offensive coordinator Greg Roman compared the Ravens offense to a blank Canvas. God help me. (Kevin Richardson/Baltimore Sun)

Do the Baltimore Ravens actually have a plan for Lamar Jackson? That’s the question every Ravens fan should be asking themselves. What I’m about to tell you suggests that the Ravens have zero plan. As of right now, the Ravens offense we saw a year ago is an unsustainable catastrophe. Jackson ran the ball more times per game than Ezekiel Elliott in 2018. This will not end well. All they have to do is look on the sidelines and stare at Robert Griffin III to see how this will end.

While the inevitable disaster is looming, the Ravens somehow seem to turn themselves in a joke more and more laughable by the day. I don’t know how it’s possible at this point but they have somehow managed to one up themselves time and time again. This latest sequence is flat out funny.

New offensive coordinator Greg Roman spoke to the media today. He compared the Ravens offense to a blank canvas. You can’t make this up:

“We get to throw a lot of things on that canvas,” Roman said, via the Baltimore Sun. “Test this out and say, ‘Eh, that might not be us,’ or, ‘Wow, that really is us.’ We’re really not competing against our defense as much as we’re competing against ourselves. We’re trying to get everybody prepared for training camp; that’s the goal. And I think we’re accomplishing that.”

This gave me a really good laugh. Flat out hilarious. Do those quotes sound like the Ravens have any semblance of a plan? No chance. There are a few takeaways to mention. Number one: I don’t not blame Greg Roman for these comments. He’s trying to come up with a plan for Lamar Jackson. The problem is there is no plan other than to pray that the gimmicks will work.

You cannot win in the NFL in 2019 with an inaccurate quarterback. That’s what Lamar Jackson is. There’s no way around it. That’s why this offense is a blank canvas. He has no idea what to do because deep down he knows this team is screwed. For the record, I think Roman is a very capable coach. If Jim Harbaugh trusts him, then I trust him. The problem is this situation isn’t fixable. Roman is trying eggs at a brick wall and hoping they don’t break. It’s not possible.

Another underrated part was at the very end of the bottom video. He mentions that the verbiage has been shrunk down. How dumb can Lamar Jackson be? What more needs to be dumbed down? He throws the ball 8 times a game. I’m not even trying to be mean. Lamar Jackson is dumb. That’s just a fact. God help me.