LeBron James
LeBron James recently called himself the GOAT. Danny Ainge had a perfect response (Orlando Ramirez/USA TODAY Sports)

I am here for all of the LeBron James slander. In case you missed it, LeBron James recently called himself the greatest basketball player of all time. Before I continue any further, let’s compare how Michael Jordan and LeBron reflect upon their own career.

I’m not a fan of either guy but Jordan gets it in this circumstance. Greatness is understood, it doesn’t need to be shoved down our throats. When Don Corleone walks into a room, it’s understood that he’s in charge, it doesn’t need to be said. If anything, LeBron’s legacy takes a huge dip by these comments.

Moving on. People around the sports community have been taking shots at LeBron. The best one yet comes from Danny Ainge, the Celtics general manager. Ainge’s impact on LeBron’s career has been pretty profound. Forcing LeBron out of Cleveland the first time with the Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce team or stealing away robinhood Kyrie Irving in a heist trade. Ainge’s Celtics team’s have always been stiff competition.

When Ainge caught wind of LeBron’s GOAT comments, the Celtics GM had an amazing comment via NBC Sports Boston:

“His career’s not over,” Ainge said on 98.5 The Sports Hub’s “Toucher & Rich.” “I’d just like to — why he’s saying that, I don’t know. Maybe he thinks that that sells. Maybe he’s taking the Donald Trump approach and trying to sell himself. I don’t know.”

This is just perfect. Comparing LeBron to the devil himself, Donald Trump. Ainge may have a point. Throwing others under the bus, bankrupting franchises and making terrible personnel decisions, and leaving casinos or cities behind when things don’t go well. Not to mention the fact that both Trump and LeBron have serious personal issues as well. Trump is a raging racist while LeBron is a raging alcoholic.

What we should be talking about is how LeBron needs help dealing with his wine issue. Showing up to arena with an open container of wine? So that means he was likely drinking and driving with an opener container as well? Force feeding under age children wine? Replace LeBron with Trump and you could buy that story.