Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones says that it’s a matter of when not if when it comes to extending Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, and Amari Cooper (Tim Heitman/USA TODAY Sports)

The Dallas Cowboys have a lot of guys to pay. Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, and Amari Cooper all need new contracts. While the rest of the media is concerned, Jerry Jones isn’t losing sleep. It’s not a matter of if the deals get done. It’s a matter of when the deals get done. The Cowboys owner says everybody is getting paid!

“Just know that like so many things, it’ll happen. It’ll happen,” Jones said. “There literally is no concern on my part at all about any time frame. That’ll happen. The results are too good for them and too good for the Cowboys. Think about it now. The results are too good for them and too good for the Cowboys. That always happens when it’s that good for both of us.”

I have a few thoughts on this. Most of which have been shared. Dallas HAS to pay Ezekiel Elliott. They have built this entire team around him. Whether it was drafting offensive lineman in the first round in what seemed like every year, drafting Zeke 4th overall, having a limited quarterback, etc. This is the only running back in football where the entire team revolves around him. When Zeke gets his touches, Dallas doesn’t lose. I don’t understand why that’s difficult for people to understand.

SEE the video below:

Dallas also has to pay Amari Cooper. They just gave up a first round pick for the guy. Cooper was also super productive and took Prescott to another level. Dallas HAS to pay Amari Cooper.

Now we get to Dak. Here’s my offer: $10 million per year take it or leave it. Not good enough? See ya. This team doesn’t win because of Dak Prescott. They win because STEPHEN Jones has drafted a hell of a team. They are LOADED. The Cowboys could insert Jake Fromm in the lineup tomorrow and they might win more games. Take the 3rd round comp pick when Dak signs elsewhere and keep it moving. The second Dak gets paid, Philadelphia takes control of the division. It’s that simple.