#DallasCowboys Make no mistake about it. The Cowboys success still revolves around its offensive line. They are the most important ingredient. (Tim Heitman/USA TODAY Sports)

One of the things that often times goes unnoticed by the common fan is protection. We tend to blame and give credit to the quarterback for everything. Sometimes an offensive line can undo a team and have nothing to do with the quarterback’s ability. Football at its core starts upfront. You need great offensive and defensive lines to sustain success each week.

The league’s best offensive line still belongs in Dallas. It’s been that way for a number of years. Tyron Smith is the best left tackle in football. Zack Martin is the best guard in football. La’El Collins might be the best right tackle in football. Travis Frederick is probably the best center in football. Add it all up and this offensive line dominates every Sunday. Even Connor Williams was a former 2nd round pick and is improving each week. It’s the best offensive line in football.

The headlines in the early portion of the season have been about how great Dak Prescott is. No doubt he has been very good. Albeit against the Giants and Redskins (with the Dolphins up next) Still, Prescott is completing over 80 percent of his throws with a 7-1 TD-INT ratio. Let’s not forget this. Situations matter. Is Dak Prescott a top 10 quarterback talent? No. But when you add in an elite wide receiver in Amari Cooper, the best running back in Ezekiel Elliott, and a new creative play caller in Kellen Moore. Then Prescott can sure look like one at times. The most important ingredient is still the offensive line. Don’t forget about it.

Getting pressured on 45 percent of dropbacks and being sacked 4 times a game is the norm for Deshaun Watson. The norm for Dak Prescott is to go the whole game and maybe somebody sneezes on him once. Prescott is being pressured on just slightly over 15 percent of dropbacks. That is a CRAZY low number. He is essentially playing the whole game without being pressured. Any professional quarterback that is given ample amount of time in the pocket should be able to do damage. This Cowboys offensive line isn’t just dominant, they are probably twice as good as everyone else.

Kellen Moore has really done a nice job with play calling too. When you have a running back like Ezekiel Elliott in the backfield, he commands more defenders in the box to try to stop him. Moore has been designing more playaction throws to suck the linebackers in for that extra second for Prescott can lob it over the top. It’s been working. The early season play calling for Dallas has been to hand the ball off or to act like they’re handing the ball off. It’s brilliant but simple at the same time.

Just remember, before you go crowning Dak Prescott as the man, the Cowboys success still hinges on its offensive line. When you’re quarterback doesn’t get sneezed on the entire game, you have a chance to win every single week. Add in Ezekiel Elliott, and Amari Cooper, and better playcalling, oh boy. Dallas is absolutely for real. Now we just have to see what they look like against far superior teams. The Offensive line will give Dak Prescott time to throw. It’s a matter of how far he can take them against elite competition.