Dak Prescott
Dak Prescott, You Don’t Deserve $40 Million Per Year (Tim Heitman/USA TODAY Sports)

God damn it, Cowboys fan base, you did it again. You let some average QB believe that he deserves 40 MILLION DOLLARS. Not only would I pay Zeke Elliott the contract he wants, but I wouldn’t even go near the contract that Dak is suggesting. Dak Prescott hasn’t been the best QB I have seen if he doesn’t have Zeke. Hell, even then he was underperforming before the Cowboys traded for Amari Cooper last season. Let’s look at the stats when Dak doesn’t have his Lord and Savior Zeke.

Dak Prescott In 2017

First, let’s get the record out the way, Dak is 4-4 without Zeke. This isn’t necessarily bad, but it isn’t good either. Ezekiel Elliot missed 6 games in 2017, so let’s use this that time frame for most of our evidence. From week 10 to week 15 in 2017, Dak had an average per game of 174.33 yards, 1.16 TD (includes rushing and passing), 1.5 INT, and a QB rating of 77.3. As you can tell, Dak is less than stellar without his scapegoat. During that time, Dak went 3-3. mostly because they went up against less than average teams in their 3 wins like the Redskins, the Giants, and the Raiders. Whilst they lost against competent teams like the Falcons, the Eagles, and the Chargers.

Despite all this, the delusional Cowboy fan base (looking at you Skip Bayless), fully believe that Dak Prescott deserves 40 million, MORE THAN ANY OTHER QB IN THE LEAGUE. What makes matters worse, is that Cowboys fans hyped Dak up so much, that he fully believes he’s hot shit, when he’s just hot garbage without Zeke. They should be paying Elliott to carry Dak as far as he can. Although, Jerry Jones almost made a grave mistake with his “Zeke Who?” joke after an impressive showing from Tony Pollard in the preseason. It seems to be rectifying as Jerry Jones and the JUST offered Zeke a contract making him a top 2 highest paid RB in the NFL. If they truly want to believe that Dak is even worth 40 million the smart thing they need to do is hope Zeke is still willing to take that contract. Zeke is the key to Dak’s success, and thinking otherwise is just plain ignorant.

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