Jason Garrett
Jason Garrett should be fired according to Terrell Owens (Joe Nicholson/USA TODAY Sports)

Some people in this world are very protective of their ego. We see this in the NBA where LeBron James prefers to have a puppet in the head coaching position (Ty Lue) so he can just run the show. Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys aren’t much different. It’s pretty clear at this point that Jason Garrett still has a job because he is really good at clapping and has no issue with team owner, Jerry Jones, having a vital part in the day to day operation of the franchise.

Former Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens can’t understand why Jason Garrett is still the head coach of the team:

“I have no idea. You know what’s really tough? When you really look at it, it doesn’t make sense for Jason Garrett to continue to have his job. [The organization is] not really expanding or progressing even as a team under his coaching tenure there,” Owens said, via the Dallas Morning News. “I think Jerry [Jones] — again he’s the owner at the end of the day, he has to feel good with himself about the decisions — but I just don’t understand why this guy [Garrett] still has a job.”

Garrett was TO’s offensive coordinator for two years while he was in Dallas so he does have first-hand knowledge of the way he runs the offense. Since becoming a head coach, Garrett has really just become a figurehead in charge of calling timeouts and handling time management rather than being a true X’s and O’s guy. Owens also went on record and said Andy Reid was a much better head coach than Jason Garrett despite their differences during his tenure in Philadelphia.

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Heading into 2018, will we see the 8-8 Cowboys again or the 13-3 Cowboys from the 2016 season? Either way, Garrett doesn’t appear to be on thin ice at the moment.