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2024 NFL Scouting Combine: Running Back Notes

2024 NFL Scouting Combine

2024 NFL Scouting Combine
The running back batch at the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine has concluded their workout. Check out the notes that you need to know. (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

2024 NFL Scouting Combine: Running Back Notes

The 2024 NFL Scouting Combine returns for the third day. A group that includes the running backs, quarterbacks, and wide receivers. The NFL Network coverage is absolutely brutal but we’re getting through this together. Luckily, you have me for all the truth bombs you need for the upcoming NFL Draft.

Here are your running back notes for the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine.

*Link to official combine results.

Braelon Allen (Wisconsin)

Did not run. Huge back and young. One of the younger ones in the class. Really like his feet. Don’t think he’s slow so not sure why he didn’t run. I like the way he moves. Always have. Had real issues catching the ball. Multiple drops. The giddy up in the wheel route was more than passable.

Emani Bailey (TCU)

This was a time that was really disappointing (4.61). Had a solid showing at the Senior Bowl as a guy who can be a change of pace and catch. This 40 time, I don’t know if you can even fill that role. Thought his cuts weren’t super clean either. It’s one cut and nothing after that. Needs to be confined in a box. Looks better running routes. Straight line going to get the ball on the wheel route was really bad.

Trey Benson (Florida State)

Way faster than I thought he would be (4.39). That time with his frame is really good. Not sure he’s super smooth going through the bags. Didn’t cover a ton of ground on the jukes. His short area stuff really underwhelming. Something about him just missing that half step in the quick department. Maybe needs better balance. Smooth but his cuts are a bit underwhelming. Noticeable worse than Corum who goes after him. Bit high and upright. You better hope he’s in the Breece Hall area.

Blake Corum (Michigan)

More than passable 40 (4.53). I’m good with it. His cuts and vision definitely stand out. Pretty good at the last second gotta make a cut. His cut moves were actually really nice. Quicker feet than I thought he had. He was on it in the drills. Smooth. Actually very impressed. I didn’t love him during the year but I may need to readjust. This RB class is so bad that he has to be one of the better ones. Especially after that workout.

Isaiah Davis (South Dakota State)

He sucks. Should have sent him home from the Senior Bowl. Not interested. Can’t play.

Ray Davis (Kentucky)

Fine with his time considering the size. Check mark there (4.52). Doesn’t have sexy feet. Doesn’t have quick feet. Stepped on one of the bags. Doesn’t look out of place which is a positive. Movement skills much better than I expected. Knew he was compact but passed the eye test movement wise. No issues catching the ball.

Daijun Edwards (Georgia)

Did not run. Speed isn’t a huge concern here but would have liked it confirmed. Don’t think he’s a burner but has enough in the tank. Doesn’t have super quick feet but his vision was really good. Loved his cuts going through the bags. We know he’s a spaz. No problem cutting. Links his moves together really well in an unorthodox way.

Audric Estime (Notre Dame)

Slow as dirt (4.71) and we knew it was coming. Too many flashbacks of fat turds that can’t play. I’d bet against him. His feet are terrible. Long and short area. Painful to watch stepping on the bags. Totally sucks. Eye level atrocious constantly looking down at the bags. 38 inch vert much better than the speed. Not a terrible athlete. Just can’t really run or move. It was by far the worst time of the group.

Frank Gore Jr. (Southern Miss)

Did not run. Had an incredible East-West game. Would have loved to see him run. He’s much smaller than his dad weight wise. Unsure of how explosive he is. Leaning towards a bit underwhelming in that area. No grease lightning here.

Isaac Guerendo (Louisville)

How about that time (4.33)? He might be better than expected. Age is whatever here because of the limited shelf life anyway. Former Wisconsin back. Definitely pretty quick footed. Top score in the vert.

George Holani (Boise State)

Don’t love him. His cuts are slow short area. Real slow. Not a fan. His rat tail in the back of his head was distracting. Don’t like the way he rounds the route. Can tell the knee bend isn’t going to work.

Bucky Irving (Oregon)

Tick slower than I hoped he would be. Didn’t think he was a burner but hoped for better than (4.55). Much better short area. Quicker than fast and the quick holds up. Definitely has a burst after the cut. Really like his feet. Love his feet. He’s out here gliding. Had the worst jumping numbers of the group in the vert.

Dillon Johnson (Washington)

Slow and I’m not surprised. Never saw an extra burst when watching Washington. Nothing special about him. That half second you need he doesn’t have it. Short area not it either. Has no chain movements. Can’t link it together. Gets stuck trying to get where he wants to go. Too many hitches. Just way too limited to have any real ceiling. 31.5 vert was the second worst of the group. 4.68 was the second worst time of the group.

Jawhar Jordan (Louisville)

Ran okay but nothing about his workout stood out. Pretty good routes.

Dylan Laube (New Hampshire)

Kinda out on him after the Senior Bowl. Congrats on being able to catch. I think that’s about all he can do. He’s a camp body that maybe turns into more. Has some wiggle and looked better in the passing department. Hands are confident.

MarShawn Lloyd (USC)

Not surprised by the time (4.46). Speed isn’t a big question mark. It’s the rest of it. Want to like him more but I know what I saw on the field. Good Senior Bowl but has something missing. Not super greased up but can shake and bake. Had some stumbles but nothing crazy. Definitely plus athlete.

Kendall Milton (Georgia)

Not surprised by the time (4.62). Just glad it was a total disaster time. Foot work is average. Just can’t get to a higher gear. Expectations are key here.

Keilan Robinson (Texas)

Definitely has scat back ability. A bit jittery. Like the movement skills. Can tell he’s got upside as a receiver. Has a burst that’s better than most in this group. Probably best pure mover when you combine it with the pure speed.

Cody Schrader (Missouri)

Ran but didn’t run. Got hurt running which sucks. Kinda think I know what I’m getting anyway. The Hammy got him.

Tyrone Tracey Jr. (Purdue)

Former converted receiver. Don’t love his juke. Doesn’t look super natural. I mean just night and day running routes. Way better there.

Kimani Vidal (Troy)

Pretty decent mover. Has good play speed in the drills. Good choppy steps.

Michael Wiley (Arizona)

Ran but no on-field workout.

Jaylen Wright (Tennessee)

Certainly has some speed (4.38) but we knew that already. Was a home run hitter in college. Short area I was less than impressed. Faster than quick. Maybe that’s what was missing. Can hit the home run but can he create it on his own? Didn’t pop off the screen going through the bags. Shut it down early after the second drill.

Vendetta Sports Media Post Combine Running Back Rankings:

1: Bucky Irving (Oregon)

2: Braelon Allen (Wisconsin)

3: Blake Corum (Michigan)

4: Will Shipley (Clemson) *Did not workout*

5: Daijun Edwards (Georgia)

6: Trey Benson (Florida State)

7: Ray Davis (Kentucky)

8: Jonathan Brooks (Texas) *Did not workout*

9: Miyan Williams (Ohio State) *Did not workout*

10: Frank Gore Jr. (Southern Miss)

*Full finalized rankings will come closer to the draft.

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