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2024 Reese’s Senior Bowl: American Team Day 1 Practice Notes

Senior Bowl

Senior Bowl
The American team wrapped up day one of practice at the 2024 Reese’s Senior Bowl. Check out all the notes right here! (John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports)

2024 Reese’s Senior Bowl: National Team Day 1 Practice Notes

The 2024 Reese’s Senior Bowl notes are back. Before we get to the good stuff, I just want to humbly point out that this is the first year that the practices are back on NFL Network. Last year, the first day wasn’t even on TV. Do we think that’s an accident?

Jim Nagy is still a dope. I hate the rule that juniors can now attend the event. It makes absolutely no sense that the East-West Game is also being held at the same time. This event continues to be the least organized NFL event of the calendar season. Garrett showed up to the stadium an hour early because Nagy doesn’t understand time zones. Oh, and he was still late getting into the stadium because there is a line where ONE person checks the credentials. This is just the tip of the iceberg people.

Make sure to follow Garrett too. He’s on the sidelines representing Vendetta at the event.

Nevertheless, we’re so back. The practices are back on NFL Network and the rest of you should quietly thank me for putting the heat on that scumbag. Without me, I’m not sure the change happens.

Without further ado, let’s get to the American Team on the first day of practices at the 2024 Reese’s Senior Bowl.

*Side note: It’s very hard covering this event. Mostly because it’s so dysfunctional. It gets broken into three groups and all of them go at the same time.


I don’t have much on the QBs. I confirmed this with Garrett who’s on the sidelines. You just didn’t see much. Very few balls went further than ten yards down the field. Maybe five the whole day. It is what it is. Just day one so we have more to learn.

Joe Milton looks the part. We know that much. We also know he has generational arm talent. So far so good. Actually thought he did better than I thought with short area accuracy. He looks MASSIVE on the field. I actually thought today was really encouraging. Was by far the best quarterback on the field the entire day. Still needs to speed up the brain process. But did his job putting the ball where it needed to be. More accurate than he was in college.

Michael Pratt out of Tulane. Might have had the best throw the whole practice to Jaheim Bell deep down the field. Nothing crazy but he hangs in the pocket and makes throws. Was productive at Tulane and got them wins. Not going crazy but don’t overlook him.

Spencer Rattler is talented but is he a real NFL quarterback? That’s the question. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow because they just didn’t show much today. The pure arm is really good. The positive is he’s more calm with the feet.

It got worse as the day went on. Couldn’t get the plays in. Threw a horrific pick right to Carlton Johnson. Indecisive in the pocket and just took off and run.

Carter Bradley is the son of defensive coordinator Gus Bradley. I kinda felt bad for him. You could see he was trying his best to put all the mustard he could on the ball. It’s tough when you’re in the same group as Milton. He also ran out of the back of the end zone in a drill, which is just comically bad. I get they wanted to invite the hometown South Alabama product but he stinks.

Running Backs:

Cody Schrader is a hammer. Peyton Hillis vibes.

Ray Davis looked alright. Curious to see what he runs.

Daijun Edwards hit a nice spin move during the team session. Light on his feet and we already know he runs like a spaz. Caught a screen pass in team drills and it looked like nobody wanted to tackle him.

Wide Receivers:

WTF was going on with Xavier Legette? Now the guy can’t catch? Didn’t separate well. Like not at all. I don’t think he made a single reception in one-on-ones. Every target looked kinda like this.

Ladd McConkey is just going to make it. The more I watch him the better I think he is. Like to the point where he just might be the next Cooper Kupp. Except McConkey is going to run a faster time. Nobody has a prayer at covering him. He’s murdering everyone. He’s pissing on people. Most dominant player of the entire day.


Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint just isn’t as fluid. You can tell he can play but no elite traits. Has some suddenness to him. Mostly disappointing though.

One of the Auburn corners punked Johnny Wilson. Put him right on his ass. Too much on his heels. Kinda worried what he’s going to run after today too. This is the extent of his positives. Can push off and catch. is it enough?

Ryan Flournoy is terrible. Southeast Missouri State. Can’t play a lick.

Disappointed by Ainias Smith. Bad drop issues. For a gadget guy, he just has to look better than this. Not enough separation and his speed didn’t blow anyone away. If you were hoping this was the next Deebo, that’s just not happening.

Jamari Thrash can run. Made some big plays down the field too. Not just a small guy out there running either. Has some slippery vibes to him. A real football player.

Tight Ends:

Jared Wiley looks like he has some hands. Made a great one handed catch after pushing off a defender.

Jaheim Bell is going to be a mismatch weapon. Just need to figure out how to use him. Need a plan for him. Garrett claims he had some drop issues but didn’t see any during the broadcast. Very unique player.

Offensive Line:

Tyler Guyton looks like a damn good athlete. Stronger than I thought too. Never a moment where he got rocked back. Chris Bradwell came at him and Guyton didn’t look phased. Not saying the 40 is everything but you can just see he’s going to ace that. I don’t think he had a rep where he lost. Only loss was one time he got hit by a spin.

Both Oklahoma guys looked good. Andrew Raym stood in there well at guard. Not flashy

Christian Jones looked alright for the most part. Good base but hands aren’t impactful enough. Auburn guy got him on a swim. Really good footwork though. Recovers well. The base stands out more than anything. He’s been trained. If he adds more power that’s a starting tackle. Feet are in control and is wide.

Texas A&M Layden Robinson looked strong but more importantly his length really helped. Uses it to his advantage.

Javion Cohen stinks. His former Alabama teammate Eboigbe smoked him with ease. Not powerful and not explosive. He’s also kinda a mess. Has some talent but a wacko. Lower half stinks. Not strong. I got nothing positive here to say.

Javon Foster has some good hand work. Gets his hands on you he probably won. Overall solid.

Maryland tackle Delmar Glaze is weak. Needs to get in the gym. Bet his bench number will be piss poor.

Defensive Line:

T’Vondre Sweat refused to weigh in. Take of that what you will. We talked about him a lot this past year. Guy is a LOAD. He might be pushing 400. I’m a fan. Stick the guy at nose and let him eat.

Jordan Jefferson looked damn good. You can just see that’s an SEC player. They only make so many guys like that. He just fires off the line.

Braden Fiske is interesting. Has some underrated wiggle. Chain mover. Doesn’t stop and links moves. He’s got something.

Javonte Jean-Baptiste looks small. Just gets swallowed on reps.

The two Bama guys were just kinda there. Eboigbe stood out more than Braswell. It felt like Braswell just thought he was going to win and went head first in without a plan. Eboigbe is going to find some role as an Isaiah Buggs type guy. We know this already.

During the team drills these SEC bodies just won against the guards. LSU, Auburn, Alabama, the same story you’d expect.

Darius Robinson out of Missouri was causing havoc. Quick, good motor, and his arm length stands out. Team drill he really started taking over.


Nathaniel Watson of Mississippi State looked pretty good running sideline to sideline. Was productive in the SEC.


One Auburn corner looked way better than the other. I just don’t know who is who yet. We’ll figure it out tomorrow. There’s three Auburn DB’s here including the safety. Too much to track. Will be something we figure out in the coming days.

Kris Abrams-Draine battles his ass off. Competitive. I like him.


Kamren Kinchens hung in well covering Ainias Smith. Safety that can cover those wheel routes? I’ll take it.

I love Tykee Smith. Didn’t make any super noticeable plays. Gave up some receptions but he’s in the picture. I know his ball skills. Javon Bullard might be limited in coverage. Just might need to be more of a box. I was more worried that he was losing routes to slower tight ends in coverage.

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