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2024 NFL Draft Stock Report Notes: Rose Bowl

2024 NFL Draft

2024 NFL Draft
2024 NFL Draft Stock Report Notes are here from the Rose Bowl. Check out the post for everything you need to know. (Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK)

2024 NFL Draft Stock Report Notes: Rose Bowl

How good were those games? Totally electric from start to finish and either team could have found a way to win. We also learned a lot from the Rose Bowl. There is so much to cover from a 2024 NFL Draft perspective so let’s get right to it.

*I apologize that I’m late with this. Some things are out of my control. A story that I’ll keep to myself. Don’t worry, you will still get your 2024 NFL Draft fix. I have a bunch to say on both games.


I think we have to give Jase McClellan some credit. His speed just makes a difference. Alabama’s offensive line was putting on a show at the SEC title game. Roydell Williams still didn’t have those game-breaking runs. Well, McClellan can and a lot of it has to do with his speed. Alabama’s offensive line wasn’t nearly as dominant in this one. Michigan is just such a veteran-laden group and caused a lot of problems.

McClellan went for 14 carries for 87 yards and two scores. Justice Hayes started to carve out a role in this one. Roydell Williams had one carry for -1 yard. You can see the gap. Not sure Williams has any future.

Jalen Milroe is going back to school. As he should. I think we saw just how limited Milroe is as a passer. With time to prepare and the unique nature of that Michigan defense (essentially the same one that Baltimore runs) Milroe really had no answer. He had 21 rushing attempts in the game compared to 23 throws. That right there tells you a lot of what you need to know.

It’s not anything different from what we knew already. You saw it get worse as the game goes along. You just run out of plays to call for the guy. Especially after 70 minutes. I don’t think you have anything here unless it’s a gimmicky late round backup.

I want to spend some time on the receivers. This more than anything might have lost Bama the game. The Michigan secondary won this battle. The only guy worth anything is Isaiah Bond. He’s also not eligible for the draft yet. He’s a poor man version from the smaller juiced up guys they’ve had in the past.

Who I really want to talk about is Jermaine Burton. That Chad Reuter guy from NFL.com wrote the single worst scouting report I’ve ever read on Burton prior to the game. I’ll leave that link for you here.

If you don’t want to read the link, I totally understand. The guy sucks and it’s kinda embarrassing that’s the best NFL.com can do. Let me provide you the spark notes and just get this out of the way now. There is a 0.0% chance that Burton is as good as Amon Ra St. Brown or Stefon Diggs. Just no chance.

Did you watch that game? Did you see him get open? Burton left Georgia for a reason. He’s not even as good as Ladd McConkey. Not as fast either. Not an alpha with the ball in the air either. You have to scheme him open. Finished the game with four receptions for 21 yards. Just warning you right now to please not listen to that dope. He’s a late round pick that has a chance to make a roster. That’s it.

Quickly, found it interesting that Alabama center Seth McLaughlin entered the transfer portal pretty much right after the game. The offensive line is pretty young in general. It’s a rising unit. Can’t say the same about the center. Is it a coincidence that he’s out right after botching 800 snaps in this game?

This Bama secondary is just so damn good. The improvement of Terrion Arnold is so noticeable. How much of it is coaching and how much of it is him? That’s the question you have to ask with any Saban or Belichick DB. I know Kool-Aid man is just stupid talented. That’s a different category. To me, it’s a matter of how good the other guys are (excluding stud freshman Caleb Downs).

You know, that group of Arnold, Trey Amos, Jaylen Key, and Malachi Moore. There is something to work with in all of them. But how much of it is coaching? I think there is a lot of nitty-gritty work that will need to be done on that group.

I think we found out a bit of the truth on this Alabama pass rush unit. They’re loaded but how generational are they? That’s what’s important. How do they compare to past Bama guys who failed/succeeded?

Dallas Turner caused havoc. Had a sack in the game. You can see he can clearly rush the passer. How blue chip of a blue chip is he? Dark blue? Tar Heel fake blue? That’s what you have to ask yourself. Meanwhile, Chris Braswell was taken totally out of the game.

Some of it is the Michigan scheme. JJ McCarthy isn’t holding onto the ball forever. It’s one read and get rid of it that ties into something else. I don’t think you’re quite getting Will Anderson but I feel good about Turner. Ask me in March about Braswell.

Deontae Lawson is going back to school for his senior year. I think we can say that he’s a solid B in coverage. Tripped over his own feet going back on a back pedal on one play. Otherwise looked comfortable and had two nice pass deflections. Not sure he’s quite CJ Mosley but those vibes are there. Around the football a lot and a force making his way downhill.

I kinda like this Justin Eboigbe. I don’t think he’s fast off the ball but he gets after it. Not quite Jonathan Allen but you may have another Dalvin Tomlinson here.


Many know by now that I’m not a Blake Corum fan. I think he’s going to get overdrafted. You still have to give him credit on some things. He’s tough, pass protects his tail off, and can catch. His night was looking really inefficient before he took over in overtime. Finished the game with 19 carries for 83 yards and a score.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You’re out of your mind if you take him in the top three rounds. Not with the value of running backs in today’s game.

I thought the more interesting part of the game was Donovan Edwards‘ involvement. Let’s call it lack of involvement. I actually think Edwards has the higher ceiling. He had four carries the entire game. I don’t know what’s going on there.

Before I get to the QB, it’s worth noting that this isn’t an A-list receiving group. The tight end Colston Loveland didn’t do much. Just two grabs for 13 yards. Roman Wilson is the one that led the way. Four receptions for 73 yards and a score for the Flyin Hawaiian. Not overly tall at 6-foot. Not twitchy either. I don’t think he’s much different than Ronnie Bell. Wouldn’t expect an electric NFL career here.

How will we grade this JJ McCarthy performance? I don’t think this is a simple evaluation either. The raw stats aren’t terrible (17/27 for 221 yards and three scores). Did *some* damage on the ground too picking up some key first downs.

This is really the crux of the problem. When I need a third down. Gotta have a third down. Is he ever goign to be able to deliver from a dropback pass game? Michigan was 2-11 on third down and McCarthy’s inability to execute was a big reason why.

There are three types of quarterbacks: Throw it through the door, hit the door knob, and throw it through the keyhole. Does McCarthy fit any of those categories? That’s the problem. The pure arm is good. He just has zero touch. One ball that he threw over the middle kinda went through the receivers hands but he put way too much mustard on it. His touch accuracy is just not good enough right now.

The positive is that he’s athletic. Can he overcome his flaws? Will the lightbulb moment happen where it all clicks? That’s the real question. Maybe this is more simple than I even need to make it. Some guys are landing spot dependent. No, he won’t succeed with the Jets. I’m quite sure he will if we get a Harbaugh/McCarthy package with the Raiders. The scheme makes the quarterback more often than not. Better have a plan for him because there are clear limitations on what he can and can’t do.

To close, let’s do some quick hitters on this defense. It’s a damn good defense. I’m a big Junior Colson fan. Led the team with 10 tackles. Someone will get a football player with him.

Mason Graham is their best player. I believe that. Guy just wins constantly with his hand fighting inside. Explosive but a name for 2025.

I love this cornerback duo. What Will Johnson did against Marvin Harrison speaks for itself. He was on the same level of gross in a good way in this one. It’s a headache trying to complete balls to his side of the field. Honestly, I think Mike Sainristill is arguably one of the most underrated corners in the sport. Converted receiver and you can see how good he is with the ball in the air. The surprising part is how well he tackles and blitzes. I’m in on both.

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