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2024 NFL Scouting Combine: Quarterback Notes

2024 NFL Scouting Combine

2024 NFL Scouting Combine
The quarterback group has finished their workout at the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine. Check out all of the notes you need to see here! (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

2024 NFL Scouting Combine: Quarterback Notes

backs, quarterbacks, and wide receivers. The NFL Network coverage is absolutely brutal but we’re getting through this together. Luckily, you have me for all the truth bombs you need for the upcoming NFL Draft.

Here are your quarterback notes for the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine.

*Link to official combine results.

Group 1

Sam Hartman (Notre Dame)

He sucks. That Senior Bowl was so bad that I think he’s undraftable. Zero sizzle. No back foot drive. Ball placement is easily the worst of this group. Lollipop loser. Too many high risers. It’s to the point where you wonder if they’re messing with you. Like they put a fan on the field to see if you could notice. Dirting balls 10 yards show to Coleman. It’s ugly. He can’t even complete a pass. He’s so bad that I feel like I need to go throw up. I’m telling you that maybe there’s something wrong with him. Like does he have an illness or something? This is embarrassing. Had the worst ball velocity of the group (53 MPH). 4.80 speed.

Devin Leary (Kentucky)

Really straight legged. No drive off the back foot. Too short. Side arm not natural. Mediocre ball placement. Not toolsy. Looks like a gimmick. Deep ball every single receiver was slowing down for it. All arm thrower and the arm stinks. He stunk in college and have zero interest. Just didn’t embarrass himself like Hartman.

JJ McCarthy (Michigan)

Pretty good zip on the arm. Definitely can let it rip. Uses the back foot and drives. Throws a really nice ball. Really athletic. Footwork is there. He’s trained well. Back pedal is in rhythm. Easy mover and it looks easy. Comes out of the hand effortlessly. It’s very obvious he’s talented. Good pace on the drop compared to Milton. Deep ball passed that test. Throwing those corner routes he kept putting the ball exactly where it needed to be. Hit 61 on the gun and one MPH behind Milton. The zip was real.

Joe Milton (Tennessee)

Arm strength is stupid good. We’ve been over that 100 times. Mechanics look better than they used to. In control. Easy gas. Can see he’s trying to stay in line. Good to see that he was accurate down the field. Bit slow motion sometimes to make sure he’s on it. Really slow on the back pedal. Processing speed was a problem in college. Throwing the out route he can do it in his sleep. You can tell he’s taking gas off the throw and he’s keeping it in his mental. Gotta stay out of his head. Be more natural. His deep ball is insane. It’s A+++ arm strength. Still needs work on his timing to get it all to click. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see he makes throws others just can’t.

Bo Nix (Oregon)

Ball doesn’t jump off his hand as I’d hope. Ball hangs a bit more than McCarthy. Needs to put that foot in the ground with more urgency. Can tell he’s trying to throw darts rather than being confident and letting it rip. Arm strength is fine but not elite. You can definitely see it hang. Not a ton of power in the legs. Overall it wasn’t bad. He’s hanging in there making throws. I just wonder how much he has left to grow because he’s already come such a long way since the Auburn days. A lot of college starts. Plus athlete. Arm strength is down from what Milton and McCarthy have. He’s come a long way. The pop in the arm is maybe a thing here. Threw 58 MPH which was two MPH worse than Leary.

Group 2:

Michael Penix Jr. (Washington)

Doesn’t use his back foot at all. Has no idea how to transfer his weight. I’ve talked about him plenty. Very mediocre Senior Bowl. Probably below average Senior Bowl. He does everything wrong but sometimes it works because he can really rope the ball on a line. Ball placement is going to problem at the NFL level. I’m warning you now. Overthrows on fades and corner routes. Enormous hands and does throw a good spiral.

Michael Pratt (Tulane)

Average Joe. No interest. Saw more than enough at the Senior Bowl. Send him home. Along with Reed.

Spencer Rattler (South Carolina)

I can’t believe how slow he was. Big recruit but that athletic traits really weren’t there. Feet are kinda a mess. He’s at least trying to use his feet. Ball placement not ideal. Not quite the zip I was hoping for. Not a bad arm but far from elite. Passable performance. Using his legs the best in this group.

Austin Reed (Western Kentucky)

Old. Terrible at the East-West. Zero zip on his ball. Weird arm angle. Creating far from ideal placement. He REALLY sucks. No NFL future. Arm power is non-existent.

Kedon Slovis (BYU)

Surprised by the 40 time (). Pretty in control. Underrated athlete. Not deathly accurate. No explosion in the arm. Can see why USC got him. Cody Kessler vibes. Feet are fine but he’s not even close on some of these throws. Like 10 yards out of bounds with no chance for the receiver. Can’t hit the out to save his life. Can at least get the ball down the field.

Vendetta Sports Media Post Combine Quarterback Rankings:

1: Caleb Williams (USC) *Did not workout*

2: Drake Maye (UNC) *Did not workout*

3: Jayden Daniels (LSU) *Did not workout*

4: JJ McCarthy (Michigan)

5: Joe Milton (Tennessee)

6: Bo Nix (Oregon)

7: Michael Penix Jr. (Washington)

8: Jordan Travis (Florida State)

9: Spencer Rattler (South Carolina)

10: Taulia Tagovailoa (Maryland)

*Full finalized rankings will come closer to the draft.

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