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2024 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 11

2024 NFL Draft

(Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)

2024 NFL Draft
The Week 11 college football notes for the 2024 NFL Draft are locked and loaded. Come get your stock report notes right here! (Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)

2024 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 11

Week 11 of the college football season is in the books and I know you’re here for the good stuff. Don’t worry, you’re always taken care of the right way here. Todd McFraud might give you a one-pump chump of mediocre information. We treat you better than that when you come to see the real draft notes. For the 2024 NFL Draft Stock Report, we have a good slate this week.

Here are the games this week: Michigan vs. Penn State, Alabama vs. Kentucky, Miami vs. Florida State, Tennessee vs. Missouri, Ole Miss vs. Georgia, and USC vs. Oregon. Enjoy the slate!


This is my first real look at Michigan this year. They haven’t really played anyone and most of their roster is returning so it is what it is. Plus, Penn State has a really solid defense so this is a legitimate test to really value.

What do we think of JJ McCarthy? He’s certainly in the mix with this loaded quarterback class that’s on the way. You have to give McCarthy this. He’s damn athletic and I’d be surprised if he doesn’t run a great time in the 40. With that said, it was pretty impossible to take anything away from this game. They don’t throw the ball.

McCarthy finished the game with eight passing attempts. Eight. Yes, eight. They didn’t throw the ball a single time in the entire second half. That’s a real stat. What exactly do you want me to do with that? I don’t really know so we’ll pause and keep it moving.

I said it once and I’ll say it 1,000 more times. Can we stop with this Blake Corum thing? I’m not saying he doesn’t have some talent but you people need to chill out. Of course, he’s not one of the best running backs in the draft. Of course, you’re not taking a top-four-round pick on him. Had a bad fumble in the game that he was lucky to recover.

The stat line of the end of it looks really good. 26 carries for 145 yards and two scores. All I ask is that you understand what you’re watching. All of his big runs came on runs that anybody would have picked up a chunk gain on. Chris Johnson scores on this.

Corum is tough and runs hard. I’ll give him that. Limited burst. No way he runs under a 4.55. No way. Donovan Edwards I think has that speed. You can’t undersell what that juice means at the next level. It’s exactly why De’Von Achane has popped. I just don’t see Corum being much better than an improved version of Benny Snell. Worth drafting but no way do you spend a top pick on this guy. No way.

The Penn State offense is so brutal but you have to give some credit to guys on this Michigan defense. I like both corners Mike Sainristill and Will Johnson. The latter had two really nice pass deflections in this one and should have come away with a pick. Their entire front did a great job limiting the run. Some of the standouts are underclassmen. Keep an eye on Kris Jenkins moving forward. Yes, he’s the son of Kris Jenkins who played in the league for a long time. The son has really beefed up to 305 during his time in school and might be able to give a team a 3 tech they have been searching for.

Penn State

Kalen King is overrated. Someone found a way to give up pass interference calls again while Michigan didn’t throw the ball at all. No way this is a first round player. Not based on what we’ve seen this year. That’s not even including the abuse the Marv did to him.

Chop Robinson a complete zero on the stat line. Didn’t even record a tackle. You can tell he’s got a nice first step as a pass rusher but did zero damage in the game.

Dante Cephus is completely and utterly terrible. Can’t catch and can’t get open. KeAndre Lambert-Smith somehow did worse with one catch and six yards. I think the latter can blame the putrid offense. His movements skills are actually there.


This game was over within a minute. Literally, a minute in this game was over. I’m going to take an unconventional route but hear me out here. Alabama keeps getting better each week. Tommy Rees keeps learning what Jalen Milroe can and can’t do. He’s doing a great job dialing up those timely deep shots and Milroe is converting them.

On the flip side, it feels like Sam Hartman gets worse and worse each week. Does that have anything to do with the fact that Notre Dame lost Rees and replaced him with Gerard Parker who was the team’s tight end coach and was rushed into the position? Food for thought.

Maybe this is nothing but Roydell Williams made a nice play in the passing game. Hasn’t gotten a ton of run given all of the RB depth Bama has. Still looks good basically every time he gets the ball. Something to note.

Justin Eboigbe doesn’t get enough credit along their defensive line. We know what these Bama D line guys look like by now. This appears to be another one. Had some injury struggles in the past but he’s balling out now. 2 TFLs and a sack in this one.


Kentucky might have gotten smoked. Ray Davis had no chance in this one. Still found a way to score twice but averaged just 2.2 yards per carry on 12 attempts. Let’s not hold it against him. Kentucky’s entire team got hammered.


I feel the need to remind people that Tyler Van Dyke isn’t starting anymore. Freshman Emory Williams took his job. That’s probably going to change now that Williams suffered a pretty ugly injury at the tail end of this game. It will be one last hurrah for Van Dyke to save his draft stock. Right now he kinda looks like Brock Osweiler with human evolution except less tall. That’s not good enough right now. We’ll see how the rest of the season looks.

I don’t want to spend too much time on this team. A lot of the team rests along both lines of scrimmage but they’re younger players that Mario Cristobal just recruited to town.

Instead, let’s briefly mention Jacolby George who went nuts in this one. Five receptions for 153 yards and two scores. If you stink at math that’s 30.6 yards per catch. Yeah, not bad, right?

6-foot, 176 but does look bigger. Did a lot of positive things in this one. Caught the ball well. Created after the catch. Won with the ball in the air. How do you not come away impressed?

Florida State

I love how the broadcast portrayed the fact that meathead Mario Cristobal didn’t want Trey Benson. As if Cristobal didn’t want him because he thought it was unfair to replace the old guys on the team. Yeah, sure buddy. I’m not saying the guy is a world beater but that was definitely one of his better games. He’s had some games that I was not impressed.

16 carries for 80 yards and two scores in this one. Kinda does look like a former Oregon athlete too. Not slow.

Few other things.

Jordan Travis is just not that good. You’re lucky if you get Desmond Ridder out of this. I refuse to believe anyone thinks this is a legitimate NFL starter. No way. Small and doesn’t have it to the point where he carries you. Never will.

Jaheim Bell had a nice game. 41 yards in this one. The same problem still remains. I don’t know if he can actually be a real tight end. Him being an on the line Y… I just don’t see it. How much value does he have if he can’t do that? I do think he can do some things catching the ball though.

Johnny Wilson is starting to grow on me. Mostly because I don’t think he’s just a jump ball guy. It’s just hard to really care about him when Keon Coleman is on the same field. Coleman didn’t even blow up in this one but I just love this guy. I absolutely hate red zone fades and I’d have no problem calling one for him on every play.

Had a really nice play on a punt return too. I’m telling you this guy is good. You see the former basketball background but he’s got short area quickness with a mean streak. I’m having a hard time finding receivers who have a higher ceiling than this guy minus Marvin.


Joe Milton blows. I’m about ready to wave the white flag here. I think I’ve already done it. Missouri is a good team, don’t get me wrong. You can’t get killed like this. 36-7? WTF was that, man? Jaylen Wright couldn’t get anything going on the ground and when the team needed Milton to carry, he couldn’t do it. Couldn’t come anywhere close to doing it.

I don’t know what he brings to the table other than having a rocket. This should be a QB-friendly system too. We saw what Hendon Hooker did last year. I don’t know, man but how do you even consider this guy an NFL quarterback right now? He either needs to return to school or transfer out. NFL can’t happen this year and I’m done talking about it I think.


I don’t really know what’s going on with this Cody Schrader. Nothing about him resembles a good football player. Nothing about his recruiting profile resembles a good football player. Two years ago he was at D-II Truman State. Last year he walked his way onto the team and was basically the 6th running back on the depth chart. He played really well against Georgia last week. Tonight he did this.

I don’t know what to tell you. Believe in the powers of the Chinese Farmer.

Ole Miss

I’ve been open minded on Jaxon Dart while leaning on the line of no. Today I feel like I figured out what he is. He looks like Sam Darnold except worse. Plays well too recklessly. Like a linebacker playing quarterback. Georgia is tough but what they do is expose weakness. That’s not a real quarterback. 10/17 for 112 yards and a pick while trailing the whole game. Nah…

Quinshon Judkins gets a lot of attention and he should. Their backup might be able to make it. Ulysses Bentley runs hard and may be able to carve a niche out as a power back for someone.

When you get killed 52-17 it’s hard to find a lot of compliments. Tre Harris was open on a deep shot early in the game but they couldn’t get him the ball after. What else do you want me to say here?


Carson Beck is good and I’m going to keep reminding you of it. Do you understand how hard it is to be a first year starter in the SEC and never have a singular bad game? Show me the bad game? Where is it? That needs to be talked about. My favorite thing about Beck is the fact that he doesn’t kamikaze himself. He never gives you the game and he’s talented.

He’s big at 6-foot-4, 220. Good arm. Smart. Can move. Never see him panic. Finished the game going 18/25 for 306 yards with two touchdowns. The pick he threw came on a deflection that his guy didn’t catch. I think the arm is a solid B+ too.

First year starters aren’t supposed to look this good. Not even a hiccup. If you’re taking this guy seriously by now that’s on you.

Really nice game for the backs. Got the usual out of Daijun Edwards who scored twice on 12 carries. More than anything, I think this was a positive development for Kendall Milton. Just looks healthier. Run with more power than we’ve seen in the past.

Runs like this I just don’t think they would have happened when he was dealing with that hammy. Finished the day with nine carries for 127 yards and two scores. Not going to blow you away with speed but finally looks like a real hammer at running back again. Finally.

Brock Bowers returned this week. This offense looks even more dangerous with Bowers and Oscar Delp on the field at the same time. Bowers was eased into the lineup but still managed to score. Bowers is one of the players in the draft class that you can sleep very well at night turning the card in. Nothing has changed on that front.

Since I can’t go nuts about CJ Allen I’ll mention that Tykee Smith was everywhere again. “Box Safety” Javon Bullard came away with a huge pick. If Bullard can do this with the ball in the air, he’s going to make it.

Smael Mondon Jr. and Kamari Lassiter are both studs. Mondon just has so much range covering ground. I watch this team all the time and I still can’t recall passes being completed on Lassiter. I want to give some love to Nazir Stackhouse too who’s starting to come alive. Had a sack and a TFL in this one. More than anything he’s doing a damn good job as the nose in this defense.

Georgia has some draftable receivers on this team. Ladd McConkey and Dominic Lovett are starting to pull away. They had four receptions each.


I’m pretty sick of talking about this team. It’s pretty obvious by now that the defensive issues start with Lincoln Riley. His guys still can’t tackle. It looks like a walkthrough where his guys just allow the other team to score and execute the offense. Hard to take them seriously.

Marshawn Lloyd had another good game. They just haven’t figured out the fact that this defense is awful so maybe it would be a good idea to run more to keep them off the field. I don’t get it but whatever. Lloyd went for 37 yards and a score on 11 carries.

Caleb Williams is Caleb Williams. I’m not going to break down every play he makes because he’s the slam dunk first pick, unless you’re brain-dead.

I’ll quickly mention Brendan Rice instead who had a really nice game. Oregon has a respectable defense so this wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. His dad is Jerry Rice. Had five receptions for 81 yards including this score. He looks NFL good. Not juiced up but slippery in a good way with the requisite size.


The USC defense is so bad that I don’t want to even go into a discussion here. You know who I like. That starts with Troy Franklin and Bucky Irving. Both got the Mario Mushroom and dominated. Bo Nix did whatever he wanted.

See you next week.

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