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2024 Fantasy Football Rookie Running Back Rankings

2024 Fantasy Football

2024 Fantasy Football
Check out our 2024 Fantasy Football Rookie Running Back Rankings. Read the post to see who makes the list! (Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports)

2024 Fantasy Football Rookie Running Back Rankings

The 2024 NFL Draft is in the books. Now is the fun part. The Summer content will mostly be dedicated to fantasy football and those 2024 rookie rankings are vital towards your drafting success. Today we’re doing the running back rankings so enjoy them.

In years past I used to just do a combination of redraft and dynasty. This year I’m going to separate them. Probably better to do it this way. Here are the VSM 2024 Fantasy Football Rookie running back Rankings!


5: Jaylen Wright (Dolphins)

I seriously almost put Audric Estime here. I mean… think about it. I might have a better chance at walking on water than Javonte Williams staying healthy. The statistics on it feel about the same. Who else does Denver have? Is it impossible that Estime falls into the end zone a few times?

Then I remembered that he is a slow turd who stinks so I ultimately decided against it.

Look, good luck knowing when to start Jaylen Wright. Luckily you’re a smart person and you already play best ball. I assume that’s why you’re here. Our readership is fairly educated compared to the dopes that still read PFF after Mike Renner told you that Jalen Reagor was better than Justin Jefferson.


Too many side tangents on the brain today.

Okay look, Jaylen Wright is good at hitting the home run ball. We saw that in college. Mike McDaniel was literally Kyle Shanahan’s run game coordinator. Wright is one injury away from being a guy who has two weeks where he breaks a long run while doing nothing in the six other games you decide to believe in him. Good luck with all of this.

4: Ray Davis (Bills)

I actually think there is real value here. To the point where as a James Cook owner I feel like I should have this handcuff. Davis is tough and might be called upon to grind out short yardage stuff. Guy has heart and is built to run in this kind of weather too. Cook is still obviously the guy but Davis could have weeks where he gets the touchdown for Buffalo and turns the tide in a week.

3: Blake Corum (Rams)

I genuinely think Kyren Williams owners should be worried. I just also think that they might both catabolize each other in terms of fantasy. The Rams are going to use Corum. They wouldn’t have picked him in the third round if they didn’t. I think the plan to reduce Williams’ workload is real. I’ve come around on Corum. I was higher on Corum than Williams coming out of college. No reason he can’t have a fair share of this backfield.

2: Trey Benson (Cardinals)

James Conner is going down at some point. He’s quite literally never played a 16 game season before and he was healthy for the most part all of last year. At the end of the year, Benson should be a solid play during the fantasy playoffs if this offense can get rolling a bit. I prefer Benson more in short term leagues rather than long term. His lower body injuries in the past concern me and I just don’t love, love him as a prospect.

1: Jonathon Brooks (Panthers)

Based on draft capital alone I think you have to put Brooks first. The Panthers traded up in the second round for Brooks. A situation where the team is essentially starting over everywhere. Chub Hubbard stinks and Miles Sanders might be washed up already. Brooks should step in there and get a heavy workload right away.


10: MarShawn Lloyd (Packers)

I’m not high on MarShawn Lloyd. I’ll be the first one to admit that. However, I can’t deny Green Bay picked him in the third round and they’re good at developing talent while being smart about not rushing them into the fire. Lloyd will get his shot at some point with the Packers being able to get out of the Josh Jacobs deal at any point.

9: Tyrone Tracy Jr. (Giants)

Passing catching ability is there. Converted wide out now with the Giants. With Saquon Barkley gone, the opportunity is there. The competition is Devin Singletary. Long term he may just have a chance as a third down back. Don’t go crazy but as a gadget guy maybe there are some winning weeks here.

8: Jaylen Wright (Dolphins)

This feels like the long term Raheem Mostert replacement. Miami traded up for Wright and McDaniel is too smart for him to totally fail with that speed element. Don’t hate if you want to go here late in your dynasty draft but I don’t ever think he will be better than Devon Achane.

7: Jonathon Brooks (Panthers)

I would have never picked Brooks in the second round of the real draft. I don’t hate the player but can we be a little more realistic about the expectations? Even if you like him, the sample size is so small that it’s impossible to be super in. The guy wasn’t getting carries over Roschon Johnson. Of course, nobody is willing to answer that question because we know how that goes every year.

6: Ray Davis (Bills)

Should have a role with a Josh Allen offense for at least four years. Going to be the inside runner for them. Not a bad gig in terms of fantasy success. I’d be in here depending on the price.

5: Braelon Allen (Jets)

Hated that he landed with the Jets but I think there is value here if you’re willing to be patient. I mean three years patient. Guy has talent and potential. Anybody who says otherwise isn’t very well informed. Allen could very well turn into the 90% version of Derrick Henry. Just going to take time and it probably will be for when he’s not on the Jets.

4: Will Shipley (Eagles)

The guy has real skills in the passing game. Barkley isn’t going to be there forever. His passing game upside gives me hope he can be a real fantasy asset in the future.

3: Blake Corum (Rams)

Not much to add here that I didn’t talk about before. Only thing I’ll add is having Sean McVay as your coach is a nice thing to have on your side.

2: Trey Benson (Cardinals)

I’m probably a notch too high here for Benson. Years 2-4, I’ll take him. Any time frame outside of that I’m out.

Here is an indisputable fact. Benson spent two years at Oregon and never rushed for 25 yards in a season. Bucky Irving spent two years at Oregon and never failed to reach the 1,000 yard mark in any given year. Benson never rushed for over 1,000 yards in any singular season even at Florida State. You tell me who’s better?

In reality, I worry about his lower body stuff. He runs really upright too, which doesn’t help. Fast but not sure how long he lasts.

1: Bucky Irving (Bucs)

Yes, Irving is on the smaller side but I just think he’s a baller. The biggest baller in this class (he’s number one for me and you can read more why here). Irving is a fantastic pass catcher and a really efficient runner. I’m a fan and you should be too.

I just also want to point out that Rachaad White is barely good. Mr. 3.6 YPC is only good in fantasy because the volume is there. Bucky is coming for him. Maybe it’s in 2025 but he’s coming for him.

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