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2023 Fantasy Football OnlyFans: Wide Receivers

Fantasy Football OnlyFans

Fantasy Football OnlyFans
Which wide receivers will give you a happy ending for fantasy football? Who makes the list for 2023 fantasy football OnlyFans wide receivers you should draft? (Andrew Stein / Vendetta Sports)

2023 Fantasy Football OnlyFans: Wide Receivers

Happy endings are the goal of fantasy football. If you’re not first, you’re last. The OnlyFans list is designed to find those league winners. Who needs more love? Who needs more subs to their name? Let’s get right to it. Here are your 2023 fantasy football OnlyFans at the wide receiver position.

Justyn Ross / Rashee Rice (Kansas City Chiefs)

Skyy Moore stinks and if you haven’t figured that out by now there is no hope for you. I tried to warn you last year that Moore was nothing but a dart throw. Rashee Rice is your JuJu Smith-Schuster replacement. We know that much. They have the same skillset as that big bodied slot guy. I don’t mind the shot there.

However, this is really more about Justyn Ross. We have to remember the talent this guy has. Once upon a time, he was a slam dunk first round pick. The only concern here is the medical stuff. You otherwise would never get him at this price.

If he’s even 80% of the player he was in this offense? He’s the steal of the entire predraft fantasy process. Skyy Moore doesn’t have anywhere close to the talent that Ross does.

John Metchie (Houston Texans)

We might be a year too soon here but I like the shot. This dude was a stud at Alabama and resembled those type speed demons that had at the program. Metchie was a very worthy second round pick (can read my draft profile here).

Talent wise, he’s by far the best receiver on the Texans. Could be the next iteration of Will Fuller that catches those deep bombs and helps you win a week. CJ Stroud has to throw the ball to someone, right?

Adam Thielen (Carolina Panthers)

Does Adam Thielen have anything left? If he does, he’s being way undervalued right now in fantasy. What’s the gap between what Thielen can provide and what DJ Moore has been giving this team? I don’t really see it outside of Moore being the faster and younger player.

Thielen should be the top option in Carolina and should have plenty of targets coming his way. Thielen posted 70 receptions, 716 yards, and six touchdowns last year. Why can’t he do that again this year? If so, he’s ranked way too low. Plus, I’m a believer in the Panthers. Bryce Young looks ready to play and Thielen should be the most trust worthy receiver in this offense. I’ll take a piece of this stock.

Romeo Doubs (Green Bay Packers)

I thought Romeo Doubs had his moments as a rookie last season. Doubs notched 42 receptions for 425 yards and three touchdowns. What’s the difference between what Doubs did compared to Treylon Burks? Last time I checked, Doubs isn’t competing with DeAndre Hopkins for targets.

Why can’t Doubs take a step up in year two? Yes, Jordan Love needs to be adequate but this is a starting receiver that has promise and might end up sneaking his way into some touchdowns with his skillset. He’s free and I’ll take Doubs for free.

Rondale Moore (Arizona Cardinals)

I was a believer in Rondale Moore during the predraft process. Theoretically, now should be the time to buy. This is a Cardinals team that’s going to be in shootouts. Why can’t Moore snatch some of those fantasy points in garbage time for Arizona?

Moore also has rushing ability and could end up being used as a secondary running back. Moore averaged over ten yards per catch last year and posted 414 yards in eight games. What if year three is the leap? Why can’t it be? The touchdowns haven’t been there but that could trend in his direction in 2023.

You’re taking a shot on a really good athlete that has broken tackle machine ability. Outside of Marquise Brown, there isn’t much competition on the roster. Why can’t Moore be that guy on a bad Cards team?

Kadarius Toney (Kansas City Chiefs)

The injury stuff makes me more cautious here. I think it might be time to worry if the guy will ever stay on the field. I won’t spend too much time here because I think most of you get the point. I think they want Toney to be the Tyreek Hill of this offense. That guy that can do the run after the catch stuff. He was a jack of all trades at Florida and if anybody is going to figure out how to use him, it’s Andy Reid.

Elijah Moore (Cleveland Browns)

I think Cleveland might be alright, hey. Moore looked like he was trending in the right direction as a rookie posting 538 yards and five touchdowns in 11 games. Vibes were bad a year ago. Zach Wilson stunk and Moore got buried in the offense for whatever reason to the point where he requested a trade midseason.

This is a young wide receiver who has talent that gets a fresh start in a pretty good spot. Moore is expected to start outside of Amari Cooper. If Deshaun Watson didn’t forget how to play, Moore has potential to really cash in on some fantasy points here.

Gabe Davis (Buffalo Bills)

I think Gabe Davis might be a touch overrated but he’s not overrated in this environment. What’s changed from a year ago? This Bills offense is one you want your guy to be a part of. 20 career touchdowns in three seasons as a former middle round pick isn’t bad at all. I just don’t know why Davis keeps being slept on. He doesn’t even have to be that good. He plays for Buffalo and Josh Allen feeds him. That’s good enough for me.

Jordan Addison (Minnesota Vikings)

Why can’t Jordan Addison replicate what Adam Thielen did a year ago? If he does, he’s ranked way too low. We’re talking about a former first round pick and someone who I compared to Calvin Ridley during the predraft process. We know Justin Jefferson is going to get his. I’m not a Kirk Cousins fans but it’s impossible to deny that he throws for a lot of yards.

I could see Addison having a very useful fantasy season as a secondary option. Most rankers have him grouped in that bunch of rookies all slotted together. Addison is pretty pro-ready winning the Biletnikoff award in 2021. The route running and speed are both there. I trust him over every other rookie wide receiver in fantasy on a short term basis.

George Pickens (Pittsburgh Steelers)

Now is the time to shine for George Pickens. How much do we really need to talk about it? The talent is stupid off the charts. Who else makes plays like this? As I mentioned in the QB post, what is there to worry about other than Matt Canada tanking the offense? Tell me why he’s ranked lower than Drake London given the fact that he’s more talented, in a more pass happy offense, with a better quarterback?

DeAndre Hopkins (Tennessee Titans)

Let’s put some respect on Hopkins’ name. He’s a dummy for signing with Tennessee but I think we’re underselling the kind of fantasy impact he can have there. Hopkins proves pretty much every year he’s healthy that he’s a top 10-15 option. He’s ranked way too low.

Ryan Tannehill had no one to throw the ball to last year. AJ Brown put up points in this offense. I’m not saying Hopkins is Brown at this stage of his career, but as a primary target, the points should be there. Mike Vrabel can coach. It’s not like Tennessee is ever going to be a tire fire with him.

Calvin Ridley (Jacksonville Jaguars)

I’m not sure if this one even counts based on the fact that Ridley is ranked fairly high. However, I just want to make it clear that I want in on this stock. I think Trevor Lawrence is going to explode this year. If Ridley simply repeats what he’s done in the past, he’s ranked way too low. Based on being with Lawrence, I’d count on that to happen. Outside of injury, what’s the risk here?


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