Justyn Ross
Nothing good will happen in 2020. Justyn Ross will miss the 2020 season with congenital fusion and his career is in jeopardy. (Ken Ruinard / staff)

I’m convinced nothing good will happen in the year that is 2020. I guess on the ouija board of events in the scary movie that is 2020, a phenomenal college football player would get hit with a rare disease that nobody has ever heard of. Star wide receiver from Clemson, Justyn Ross, has been ruled out for the season with Congenital fusion. You can’t make this shit up.

Clemson beat reporter Grace Raynor was the first to report the news:

Grace continues is a flurry of tweets that can be quickly summarized. Ross feels completely fine. No decision has been made about whether Ross will enter the 2021 NFL Draft or return to school for one more year. The doctors think there’s a good chance Ross will play football again but no guarantees. Dabo compared the situation to Mike Williams who suffered a broken neck at Clemson. Williams went on to be the 7th overall pick eventually. The congential fusion apparently messes with the spine so the hope is that surgery fixes the problem.

This sucks. Apparently, no player has even had this problem. All that we do know is Ross’ career is in jeopardy. Let’s hope Ross makes a return to the field because this is a special talent. Ross would have been a slam dunk first round pick for the 2021 NFL Draft. Let’s hope he recovers because this is a special player.

Quick rant, the fantasy football gods hate me. Marcus Lattimore blows out everything in his knee, David Wilson breaks his neck, and now this. I guess I was due.

I have Ross very high on my rankings. Previously, I wrote about the fact that he could wind up being the best Clemson wide receiver ever in the NFL. Now we wait and hope the doctors can fix the issue.