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Brock Bowers 2024 NFL Draft Profile

Brock Bowers

Brock Bowers
The Brock Bowers 2024 NFL Draft is hot off the press. Read more on the former tight end from Georgia here! (Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports)

Brock Bowers 2024 NFL Draft Profile

We don’t even have to play games with this one. Even the dumbest human alive knows that Brock Bowers is the TE1 in the 2024 NFL Draft. We’re here to talk about everything else you need to know so enjoy the full breakdown of his 2024 NFL Draft Profile!

This is a good rule of thumb for people who follow this from home. If a player dominates as a freshman in the SEC, there is no better sign for future NFL success. Bowers has been a slam dunk no-doubter first round pick since he was a freshman. I said it three years ago. Three years later, Bowers is exactly what I said. A no-doubter first round pick.

Bowers missed some time on the field in 2023 but I couldn’t care less. Bowers got the tight rope surgery to repair his ankles. The smart doctors out there says it prevents future ankle sprains. Either way, this is just one of those talents that I’m just not going to hold an ankle sprain injury against him. 2023 was his worst statistical season but I don’t care. For that reason, he’s not flooded in the Stock Report notes. During the weeks that he was on the field, he did was he always does; Brock Bowers things.

Brock Bowers things include being the everything and anything you want from a tight end. He is the picture in the dictionary for tight end. Checks in at 6-foot-3, 243. Former four star recruit but basically bordering on five star. Former second rated tight end in the 2020 class and number three ranked player in the entire state of California. Thrived at Georgia right away in the SEC.

We didn’t get any of his Combine information because of the lower body stuff I talked about earlier. Let me give you a hint on what it would have been. 40 inch vertical and 4.48. Those are not real numbers but that’s my guess. Guy is a serious leaper and the speed is obvious. Comes from a family of athletes too. Father was a center Utah State. Mother was a softball player at the same University.

The accolades are ridiculous. First-team All-SEC and SEC Freshman of the Year in 2021. He’s never not been on the First-team list. No big deal but Bowers is the only tight end ever to win the Mackey Award in two consecutive years. Last two years he scored 20 touchdowns with at least 15 yards per catch in each season.

The haters will say that you can’t take tight ends high in the draft. I don’t disagree 99% of the time. Bowers is just a different bread. As we just stated, he’s doing things nobody else does. The tight end position is essentially dead and Bowers the minute he takes the field will be one of the best ones in the league.

But didn’t we all say this about Kyle Pitts? Yes, but if we have learned anything about this position, it’s that the great ones can block. Just look at all the Iowa guys. They seem to translate the best for that reason. Pitts is basically a wide receiver. We knew that at the time. Bowers blocks. That’s not a question mark for him. Never has been.

Just a total mismatch nightmare. Going to dominate the middle of the field. Such an advantage for any offense. Nobody can cover the guy. Just a total menace to gameplan around defensively.

I have Brock Bowers as the third best talent in this draft behind Marvin Harrison Jr. and Caleb Williams. However, we know the draft is tied to economic value so the hope is that you can take him in the 10-15 range so that you’re not screwed with zero leverage in contract talks. That’s probably where he should go despite the stupid talent he has. If I’m turning the card in for Bowers, I sleep really good at night that I got a blue chip player.

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