Justyn Ross
Clemson has produced Mike Williams, Sammy Watkins, and DeAndre Hopkins in the past. Justyn Ross has a chance to be better than all of them (Matthew Visinsky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Clemson has been a factory for wide receivers making the jump to the NFL. The list of names is probably more impressive than any other school. Just off the top of my head, I can list DeAndre Hopkins, Mike Williams, Martavis Bryant, and Sammy Watkins is an impressive list for any school to put together. Hopkins is arguably the best in the business. What I’m about to tell you is a bold claim but I believe it’s a very real possibility. Justyn Ross could be the best NFL wide receiver to ever play for Clemson.

Both Watkins and Williams were top 10 picks. Hopkins was drafted in the latter half of the first round. Ross should be a top 10 pick but has the ceiling to be better than all of them. The explosion that Ross has is off the charts. Ross reeled in 27 balls for 15 yards or more as a True Freshman! That also includes a massive 4.98 yards per route run. He also recorded 443 yards after the catch. On throws 20 yards or further, Trevor Lawrence recorded a passer rating of 151.0 when targeting Ross. Justyn Ross put up video game numbers are a True Freshman and is just scratching the surface.

Those other Clemson wide outs of the past were not putting up those kinds of numbers at that age. I don’t think anyone can watch Ross and not be blown away. He passes the eye test with flying colors. Ross is kind of a mix of all of the Clemson wide outs. That’s what makes him so special.

If the last name Hopkins was on the back of this jersey, you wouldn’t know the difference:

Here’s Sammy Watkins taking one to the house. Nope, that’s Ross.

Here’s Mike Williams going up to get the deep ball high pointing the ball in the air. NOPE, that’s Ross again.

Here’s Martavis Bryant being physical down the field and winning a deep ball. Nope, that’s just Ross again.

Having Trevor Lawrence as your quarterback certainly doesn’t hurt. Then again, it’s hard to deny how talented this guy is. Justyn Ross is the complete package. As a true Freshman, Ross reeled in 46 receptions for 1,000 yards in 14 games. That’s 21.7 yards per catch along with 9 touchdowns. Ross is also 6-foot-4 with great hands and blazing speed. This one is easy, Ross isn’t just super talented, he has a chance to jump to the NFL and become one of the best right out of the gate.

The crazy part is Ross isn’t even draft eligible until 2021. Just think about that. Clemson is wide receiver University. It’s hard to crack Clemson’s lineup to begin with. Especially on a team with Amari Rogers and Tee Higgins on the roster. Ross has a chance to be better than all of them in the past, present, and future.