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2020 NFL Draft

(Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

2020 NFL Draft Tight End Rankings

2020 NFL Draft
2020 NFL Draft tight end rankings. Chase Claypool tops the list. Who else makes the cut in the top 10? Read to find out! (Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

It’s no secret that the tight end class in the 2020 NFL Draft is a weak group. I don’t even feel confident ranking them but I’m going to do my best. At this point, you’re throwing darts with any of these guys that you like. I have an idea of what I would do as a GM but I don’t feel great about it like other positions. I’m not sure anybody does. Nevertheless, let’s go over the top 10.

1: Chase Claypool (Notre Dame)

Many call Chase Claypool a wide receiver. I’m going to call him a tight end because that’s his best chance to thrive. Evan Engram all day. Let him tear it up in the middle and go.

2: Thaddeus Moss (LSU)

By the fact that Thad is the son of Randy Moss, he automatically gets a top 3 spot. We don’t have a ton of tape on Thad. What we do know is there is athletic traits, great hands, and willing to block. Moss ended the season on a tear and started to come into his own. He’s got a shot which is better than what I can say about most tight ends in this class.

3: Albert Okwuegbunam (Missouri)

This one is THE dart throw. Okwuegbunam fits the mold in terms of athleticism you want. The inconsistency and performance does not. It’s hard to find a tight end who profiles with his athletic traits.

4: Hunter Bryant (Washington)

Bryant probably doesn’t profile as a three down tight end, but he can be a threat in the passing game. Again, you’re looking for skill sets in a class like this. 52 receptions for 825 yards and three touchdowns is about as good as it gets in this class. He ran slower than expected at 4.74 but I think Bryant can be a threat in the passing game. That’s good enough for me.

5: Adam Trautman (Dayton)

Trautman was the big winner at the Senior Bowl. He impressed more than the others at the event at his position. Another small school player out of Dayton that is hard to know just how good he is playing lesser competition. The 4.80 time doesn’t do him any favors. The 6-foot-5 frame helps. I thought he looked smooth during the SR Bowl. It’s hard to know for sure here.

6: Harrison Bryant (Florida Atlantic)

Another receiver more than tight end guy. Florida Atlantic isn’t a big school but Bryant had production. 65 receptions for 1,004 yards and seven touchdowns in 2019. He looks really similar to Trautman. He’s just an inch shorter and 0.07 seconds faster. I thought he was OK at the Sr Bowl. This whole group is just a mess.

7: Josiah Deguara (Cincinnati)

Deguara may be on the shorter size at 6-foot-2 but he’s an interesting H-Back – tight end threat in the passing game. I go back to the Ohio State game. He showed some wiggle to him. Deguara isn’t going to be the next Travis Kelce but I think this is a good football player. The ceiling probably isn’t that high.

8: Cole Kmet (Notre Dame)

I think Cole Kmet sucks. I watched Notre Dame a bunch this year. I couldn’t have been less impressed. He ranks 8th based solely on the fact that he has good size, had some interesting test numbers at the combine, and played baseball. Not a joke.

9: Stephen Sullivan (LSU)

Sullivan played at LSU so that means he’s probably talented. He actually showed a little something at the SR bowl and could end up being a Gem. LSU gets you on the list.

10: Charlie Taumoepeau (Portland State)

I got nothing. I remember writing about him at the Senior Bowl. I have a website to run. I can’t say I watched Portland State. If someone hires me to be their GM, then I’ll watch Portland State.


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