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2020 Reeses Senior Bowl

(Vasha Hunt/USA TODAY)

2020 Reeses Senior Bowl: North Team Day 3 Notes

2020 Reeses Senior Bowl
Jordan Love has had an up and down performance at the 2020 Reeses Senior Bowl. Check out the rest of day 3 notes for the North team. (Vasha Hunt/USA TODAY)

The final practice of the 2020 Reeses Senior Bowl wraps up today. With 3 days of practice in the books, it’s getting easier to fill out the draft board. Some guys are clear winners and some guys are clear losers. The practices is such a valuable tool for NFL teams to use. It’s been such a determining factor in the past. I’ll use the Deebo Samuel example again. The man showed he was a superstar during the week. Let’s check out who stood out for the North team on the third day of the 2020 Reeses Senior Bowl practice.

*Yes, I’m back to recording my TV with my phone for clips. It’s not ideal, but it will have to do. The good news is at least NFL Network has the recap show so I can gather a few clips from that which are much better quality. Next year I’ll be at the event.

*ESPNU also had technical difficulties too which sucks. Missed another big chunk of practice. Jim Nagy is killing me. Dear, Reeses Senior Bowl. Please fire him.

*Credit to Matt Patricia. He put together a hell of a practice and really organized. Very competitive and high energy.


Jordan Love continues to be all over the place. I think my comp of a worse version of Jameis Winston is correct. All over the map. One throw looks beautiful and was placed perfectly. The next throw is an ugly pick. Here is the highs and the lows. He may have left practice with more questions than answers. The tools are there in terms of arm strength, height, and athletic traits. The bad decision making and bad throws are there too. I’d love to take him and develop him in the middle rounds but we know he won’t be on the board at that point. At the end of the day, he misses too many throws to be a first round type of pick.

Shea Patterson stinks once again. Throw in the back of the end zone to Chase Claypool. Hit the corner right in the stomach. He is SO bad. In 2 minute drill he threw the ball directly to a linebacker. He makes me want to puke. That’s how bad he is. If someone drafts him I will die of laughter.

Anthony Gordon has a funky release. Wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole. He’s looked terrible. Luckily, he’s on the same field as Shea Patterson so he doesn’t look as bad.

Running Backs:

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to analyze this group. JaMychal Hasty of Baylor, Josh Kelly of UCLA, and Darius Anderson make up the trio. They look like just guys. Maybe players than can fill out a roster but I don’t see real high potential for any of them. They’re just not that good.

Wide Receivers:

Antonio Gandy-Golden fell over on one of his routes. Not sure he’s the smoothest route runner. Small school guy from Liberty I don’t know a ton about. I still don’t know much. Didn’t really separate well.

Quartney Davis looks athletic. There’s so many good receivers it’s hard to place them all. He made a great back should catch.

Chase Claypool strong hands. Pushed a corner away easy in press. He really does remind me of a tight end except he’s not a tight end.

Denzel Mims has really strong hands. Quick release and attacks the balls with his hands. Height, size, weight, speed, demon. I just don’t know how good he is.

KJ Hill made a highlight reel grab. He continues to put me in a pretzel. Check out this grab.

Tight Ends:

Adam Trautman seems to move really well. Big target that can high point the ball. Should be a mismatch nightmare. Easy mover with plus speed. In a weak tight end class, Trauman has an ability to really make himself some money. I can’t remember the last time a Dayton prospect was flashing. Nobody can seem to cover him.

Offensive Line:

Jason Jones continues to dominate. I’m not sure I’ve seen him lose a rep. Jones has done nothing but help himself. He’s been the best pass protector from the group by a mile. Not super long arms but great knee bend with strong punch.

Matt Hennessey looks weak. It’s one thing to lose a rep. It’s another thing to lose balance and loose with strength. I think he has had a down week.

Defensive Line:

Kenny Willekes has no punch. All speed, no power. Gotta have more than one pitch in the NFL.

Neville Gallimore is super powerful. He’s such a complete player. Power, speed, hand usage, etc. You won’t go wrong here. He got the Temple center leaning. No match for Gallimore.

Jason Strowbridge is a tweener. I’m not sure what he is. However, I do like him a lot. I don’t know if he can hold up as a defensive tackle in run downs but he’s an interesting guy to get after the quarterback.

Keep an eye on Josh Uche too. I was really impressed with the way he covered. A lot better than I anticipated for an edge rusher.


Malik Harrison is such an athletic rangy linebacker. Zero issues dropping back in coverage and has terrific range and closing speed. Harrison is flying under the radar. It’s hard to find linebackers like this. Looks a lot like a Jayon Brown type of player. Harrison will run well. He looks like a lightning bolt on every play. Players like this are so valuable.

Zack Baun needs to be a linebacker. He keeps getting pancaked. Maybe you can have him rush the passer on occasion, but he got beat up in pass rushing drills. I’ve seen him get put to the ground more than once.


Jarvaris Davis of Auburn has really smooth, quick feet. You can see him being a Jonathan Jones type of guy. They did a lot of red zone work today. Doesn’t look like the biggest guy but never got bullied and his feet were so good he stuck with the receivers. Even almost came away with an interception. The guy wasn’t even invited the first go around.


Josh Metellus really holds up well in coverage. He’s looked good all week. No reason why he can’t be thrown in the slot depending on the matchup. No problems covering one on one in the red area.

Jalen Elliott had another good day. Really good ball awareness. He covered tight ends well.


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