2020 NFL Scouting Combine
5 players with the most to prove at the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine. Laviska Shenault better bring it. (Ron Chenoy/USA TODAY Sports)

I cannot wait for the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine. It is 4 of the best days of the year. The combine is really the place that gives me the final opinion on some prospects. Some players you don’t know quite how fast they are. Some players maybe have questions catching the ball. Some players maybe have issues in one area or another. The Combine is really the place that provides clarity on specific skill sets. Let’s dive into 5 players I have some questions about. Which 5 players have the most to prove at the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine?

5: JK Dobbins (Ohio State)

I have JK Dobbins at 5 because I love him and don’t really care if this issue gets fixed or not. Dobbins is one of the best running backs in the Draft. He is going to be a total stud. I want to see how he does catching the football. He had some drops along the way this season. Let’s see how he does catching the ball.

4: AJ Epenesa (Iowa)

AJ Epenesa is interesting. I’ve been in and out all year. The measurements are good. 6-foot-5, 280, check. 11.5 sacks, 4 forced fumbles and does some stuff with hand fighting. All good. I just don’t know how great of an athlete he is. That’s the difference between a first round pick and a 3rd round guy. I think that he’s a good athlete but I don’t see it all the time. If he runs slow or looks sluggish, I won’t be shocked.

3: Mekhi Becton (Louisville)

9 out of 10 times, I can tell if an offensive lineman can play just by watching their feet in the drills. Then there’s the exception like Orlando Brown where you just had to accept he was going to be awesome. It’s just what his dad looked like too. Mekhi Becton is the hot name at the tackle position but he’s a house. 6-foot-7, 370. What are we getting here? Not too many guys like Cordy Glenn pan out. He better move better than that if he’s going in the top 10 like so many seem to think.

2: Cole Kmet (Notre Dame)

This one I don’t get. Cole Kmet is being talked about as a first round player. I watched Notre Dame a handful of times. I didn’t even bother writing about him in my scouting report pieces because I truly didn’t think he was a name that was on boards. He has good size but I don’t see any athletic traits that suggest he is a weapon in the NFL. We’re going to find out what Kmet has.

1: Laviska Shenault (Colorado)

Is Laviska Shenault a gimmick guy or a real receiver? Injury problems, a lack of a defined route tree, and questionable speed all have me concerned. Now the production is real and I think he has some after the catch stuff. Impact receiver? I got a ways to go for that one. Shenault better bring it.