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2020 NFL Draft

(AP Photo/Ray Carlin)

2020 NFL Draft Wide Receiver Rankings

2020 NFL Draft
2020 NFL Draft wide receiver rankings. CeeDee Lamb tops the list. Who makes up the rest of the top 10? Read to find out our rankings! (AP Photo/Ray Carlin)

We’re moving right along with the big board rankings for the 2020 NFL Draft. After diving into the quarterbacks and running backs, it’s time to dive into the wide receivers. The wide receivers are going to be the heart of this draft. It’s such a deep class with talent throughout. Let’s do our best to rank the top 10!

1: CeeDee Lamb (Oklahoma)

I had a hard time settling on Lamb vs Jeudy, but I’ll settle with Lamb. His ability to create after the catch and make ridiculous catches just flashes too much DeAndre Hopkins. My comp for him is Chad Johnson. Lamb just does thing that aren’t human. Teams should feel pretty good about getting a number one wide receiver.

2: Jerry Jeudy (Alabama)

Jerry Jeudy is such a route running technician. He’s hard not to love. I see a better version of Calvin Ridley. The only downside to him is the fact that it’s hard to find a great receiver with his size that makes a true number one. Jeudy has too much talent to fail. It’s a question of whether he has the ceiling of Lamb.

Justin Jefferson
(Michael Conroy/AP)

3: Justin Jefferson (LSU)

I’ve started to buy into the hype of Jefferson more and more and the weeks have gone by. Jefferson is faster than I thought he might be and is just crazy in contested catch. The dude will be a nightmare in the slot for a long time.

4: Van Jefferson (Florida)

Jefferson is my pick to be that diamond in the rough. Stop paying attention to the exact rankings. You know one player will break the mold. The Florida wide receiver is my pick. Just too many flashes of Deebo Samuel and Cooper Kupp dominating at the Senior Bowl. Jefferson was the best player down in Mobile. Jeudy has been proclaimed as the best route runner but they may want to check the tape on Jefferson first. He put Derek Stingley in his back pocket. He transferred from Ole Miss because he couldn’t start ahead of DK Metcalf and AJ Brown. Yeah, no shame in that. Jefferson is the real deal.

5: Henry Ruggs (Alabama)

I would guess that Ruggs will make it. Still, it’s hard not to worry about these smaller fast guys who seem to flame out all the time. Given the Alabama background and freakish athletic background, you feel good about his chances. Worst case, it’s a really nice deep threat.

2020 NFL Draft
(Abby Drey/Centre Daily Times/Tribune News Service/Getty Images)

6: KJ Hamler (Penn State)

That brings me to KJ Hamler who I actually think might be better or is very close to Ruggs. I see more than just one gear with Hamler. He needs to get more consistent at catching the ball but I think this is probably the way to go if you want a deep threat. He’s going to cost a hell of a lot less and might be the better player.

7: Tee Higgins (Clemson)

This is Mike Williams all day. You sort of know what you’re getting here. The Clemson guys never really flame out completely. If you like Mike Williams, then target Tee Higgins. He’s going to be a better or worse version of that.

8: Michael Pittman (USC)

Pittman is interesting because I think he’s flying under the radar. He might end up being a star. Father played in the NFL, has amazing hands, and is physically imposing at the catch point. There’s something here. Pittman beat Utah by himself this year in one of the more impressive performances of the year.

9: Donovan Peoples-Jones (Michigan)

I could end up being totally wrong here. I think Peoples-Jones has talent. He dealt with horrendous QB play. I think there’s hidden talent here you didn’t get to see. 4.48 speed and a 44.5 inch vertical at 6-foot-2, 207. This is a 5-star recruit that flashed. There’s something here.

10: Laviska Shenault (Colorado)

I still don’t know what to make of this guy but he makes the cut based on potential. I knew Shenault wasn’t going to be that fast. 4.58 is OK for his size at 6-foot-1, 227. Maybe he can be a POOR man’s, Deebo Samuel. Seems like someone who is just good with the ball in his hands. Still a bit of a mystery man to me but I could see a scenario where he’s valuable all over the field.


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