Chase Claypool
Chase Claypool is the best TIGHT END in the 2020 NFL Draft. Yeah, I said it. Embracing the switch would be the best thing for the Notre Dame product. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

Yeah, that’s right I said it. Chase Claypool is the best TIGHT END in the 2020 NFL Draft. I don’t care what position he’s listed at or what anybody else says. Chase Claypool is a tight end. I hope the team that drafts the Notre Dame product is smart enough to use him that way. In a weak tight end draft, Claypool has the chance to be an absolute game wrecker at the position.

Speaking of the tight end position, things are rough right now. Austin Hooper is making $10.5 million per year. Yeah… Austin Hooper. The Falcons are so desperate for a tight end that they gave up a 2nd round pick for Hayden Hurst and he sucks. Hurst hasn’t done a damn thing and the Falcons gave up the same pick the Cardinals gave up for DeAndre Hopkins. Finding a game wrecking tight end is HARD.

Again, this isn’t a shot at Chase Claypool. This is a reality. He should embrace the move to tight end. There are 1,000 good wide receivers in the 2020 NFL Draft. How many good tight ends are there? The answer might be zero. Which teams were in the Super Bowl this year? George Kittle and Travis Kelce. I don’t think that’s an accident. Claypool is the one guy this draft who could make the transition and become a lightning rod tight end.

I want to drop this video in here for one reason. Take any bias out of it. Who does he look like? Take off the dreads and replace it with an afro and that’s Evan Engram all day. Evan Engram hasn’t quite lived up to first round status but he’s shown flashes of being a dominant tight end. Injuries have mostly limited him, not talent. Want to see something spooky?

Evan Engram – 6-foot-3, 234, 4.42 – 40-yard dash, 19 bench reps, 125 inch broad jump

Chase Claypool – 6-foot-4, 238, 4.42 – 40-yard dash, 19 bench reps, 126 broad jump.

I didn’t spend all trying to look for a comp. That’s who Claypool reminded me of just by watching that 5 minute clip. That’s Evan Engram all day. That’s the same guy right there. You’re still going to tell me Chase Claypool isn’t a tight end?

That clip showed a lot of go balls. In reality, that’s not really who Claypool is. He’s too big for small guys to defend him and too fast for slow guys to guard him. That’s a tight end. It took me awhile to really think about it. How does Chase Claypool get open? He’s a mismatch problem!

That clip right there is how Claypool wins most of his routes. Doing the dirty work and getting open with his size. He’s a great enough athlete that he can run those seam routes in the middle of the field and nobody can catch him. Claypool is a chain mover. He was Notre Dame’s guy on third downs. That’s what he does. Short and intermediate routes, Claypool doesn’t get a ton of separation but is physical enough to win. He just SCREAMS tight end.

Don’t run away from it. He ran fast so that means he’s not a tight end? C’Mon. I’d rather be a tight end in this draft anyway. Who’s his competition? We’re talking about an Evan Engram talent who is a mismatch weapon. Sign me up for that. Chase Claypool is the best tight end in the 2020 NFL Draft. I’m just not sure if anybody else knows he’s a tight end yet.