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2020 NFL Scouting Combine

(Michael Conroy/AP)

2020 NFL Scouting Combine: Tight End Notes

2020 NFL Scouting Combine
Hunter Bryant was one of the winners at the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine for the tight end position. Read the rest of the notes here! (Michael Conroy/AP)

The 2020 NFL Scouting Combine is here. The first day of the combine is the longest with quarterbacks, wide receivers, and tight ends all competing. We will dissect the tight ends and how they performed on the field. Overall, this tight end class is considered very weak. Nobody belongs in the first round and it’s not even a situation where someone is close. It’s all about finding the hidden gems this year. Let’s break down tight end notes at the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine.

*Thaddeus Moss did not work out cause of a broken bone in his foot. A definite shame because I was looking forward to his workout.

Albert O!

Nobody won the day quite like Albert Okwuegbunam. A 4.49 is no joke! Albert O looked really athletic. Everything seemed easy. I was very down on him at Missouri so he really created more questions than answers.

Here’s the thing that concerned me. I didn’t think he would be nearly that fast. During the gauntlet, Albert O was running in slow motion. It’s one thing to be fast. It’s another to play fast. It’s frustrating.

No Thanks

Jared Pinkney is trash. Slow, unathletic, and no feel with the ball in the air. Over the shoulder ball in the air, Pinkney looked lost. He did do well in the blocking drills but how valuable in Dwayne Allen? You’re lucky if you get that. He ran a curl route and looked like a slug.

Cole Kmet didn’t look bad, per se, but he’s not nearly athletic enough to be taken in the first round which is what’s trending. He’s a former baseball player that can move but there is zero twitch with him. He has no burst off the line. A 4.70 time isn’t bad for his 6-foot-6 frame but I truly don’t see it. Then the jump numbers come in and he notches a 37 inch vert. Something isn’t right here.

The Bryant’s

Harrison Bryant and Hunter Bryant are the two hardest for me to figure out. I expected better times from them. Hunter sat at 4.74 and Harrison sat at 4.73. Bryant just looked very skinny. Hunter looked a bit jittery in movements. Overall, I think both had solid days. It’s hard to separate them but I think both moved well and converted their opportunities. Plus burst but blocking will probably be an issue.

I think strength separates them. Neither will be a great block but I can see Hunter Bryant winning with power. Maybe it’s me, but it’s shocking how skinny Harrison Bryant looks. No surprise he got 13 reps on the bench which ranked last of any player to participate at the position. Hunter got 23 which is a good number. Catching the ball in traffic and winning with strength, I think Hunter has the edge. Both guys looked super impressive in the back shoulder route.

Hidden Gems?

Josiah Deguara really impressed me. He’s not an athletic freak but he’s an all around gamer. I thought he looked awesome in blocking drills. I can see him being a 5th round guy and developing into a real difference maker. Cincinnati has a pretty good track record too with Travis Kelce. Deguara also recorded the most reps on the bench with 25. A 4.72 – 40 time is more than fine. I think there’s something here.

Stephen Sulivan had serious drop issues during the gauntlet. Then the next rep he looked unbelievable. Sullivan is very raw as a converted wide receiver with limited production but he’s worth a flier. Sullivan actually did well at the Senior Bowl too. Just needs to refine his route running. 4.66 is a good time for him as well.

Adam Trautman from Dayton is a really smooth mover. Not super speed but he moves very well for a 6-foot-5 frame. He’s one of those guys that just looks athletic and glides on the field. 4.80 for his body type isn’t a disaster.

Vendetta Tight End Big Board:

1A: Chase Claypool (Notre Dame) *If he actually converts to tight end

1: Thaddeus Moss (LSU)

2: Hunter Bryant (Washington)

3: Albert Okwuegbunam (Missouri)

4: Adam Trautman (Dayton)

5: Josiah Deguara (Cincinnati)


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