NFL Week 15
Can Derek Carr and the Las Vegas Raiders win? Time to take a look at Week 15 predictions (David Becker/Associated Press)

Oh boy, we’re almost at the playoffs! Until then, let’s enjoy the time we have left in the regular season by going over Week 15 in the NFL, along with betting lines and predictions from yours truly.

Los Angeles Chargers @ Las Vegas Raiders

Las Vegas -3

In Week 13 against the New England Patriots, the Chargers have an impressive implosion on special teams. Then the following week Anthony Lynn takes over to avoid those issues, and they screw up some more. How can anyone confidently pick the Chargers when their coach can’t fix special teams issues? Anthony Lynn is the issue. Jon Gruden is the better coach, Raiders will win because Anthony Lynn will lose the game.

Buffalo Bills @ Denver Broncos

Buffalo -6

Week 15 in the NFL marks the beginning of scheduled Saturday games. The Buffalo Bills are legit, Brian Daboll has done an amazing job developing Josh Allen and utilizing the talent he posses. The Broncos’ injury report is a long one, and I don’t trust their defense to keep Josh Allen in check and I don’t think their offense can match the Bills drive for drive.

Carolina Panthers + Green Bay Packers

Carolina +8.5

The Green Bay Packers have been playing teams close and the Carolina Panthers find ways to stay in games against good teams. The Panthers were within a field goal against Kansas City, shutout the Lions, lost by one to the Vikings, and lost by five against the Broncos. Carolina will find a way to hang in this game and keep it close.

Houston Texans @ Indianapolis Colts

Houston +7.5

The last time the Colts and Texans played, Deshaun Watson was on his way to carry his team to a victory before a bad snap lost them the game. Deshaun Watson has been steadily improving throughout this year, he’ll keep Houston in this game, if not he’ll win the damn game for Houston by himself. I’m surprised Watson’s back isn’t broken from carrying this franchise.

Detroit Lions @ Tennessee Titans

Detroit +11

I don’t like taking massive spreads, especially if it’s a game where I don’t think there’s a ton of difference between the two teams. Matthew Stafford is a good quarterback who has flashes of greatness at times. The Titans have their share of weird losses. They lost to the Bengals and the Browns put 41 on them. Stafford will play well enough to cover, and the Titans aren’t the type of team to run away with a lead.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Atlanta Falcons

Tampa Bay -6

The Buccaneers are beginning to get their stuff together. Antonio Brown played his lowest number of snaps since joining the team, and they won 26-14, snapping a two-game losing streak. The Falcons look lost and without direction.

New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins

Miami -1.5

The Dolphins played their hearts out and covered against the Kansas City Chiefs. That defense is legit, and the New England offense has been painful to watch. Cam Newton isn’t the answer at all, and I didn’t think he would be the answer coming into the season. A defense can’t carry a team anymore, the Dolphins have the better offense and I would say the better defense. They’re simply the better team.

Seattle Seahawks @ Washington Football Team

Washington +5.5

How did the Giants beat the Seahawks? Great defense. The Football Team has an even better defense, Washington will be living in the Seahawks backfield. All Washington needs to do is score a respectable amount of points on offense, hell the defense might score themselves.

Chicago Bears @ Minnesota Vikings

Chicago +3

Dalvin Cook, meet the brick wall that is the Bears defense. Both teams are fighting for their playoff lives, not that the winner will actually make the playoffs but the loser would be practically eliminated.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore -13

Gardner Minshew returns to the starting lineup and that really doesn’t mean anything. The Jaguars are in full tank mode, and have been all year. The Ravens are coming off a thriller against Cleveland, and are going to be fighting and clawing their way to the playoffs this year, if they even make it at all. Nonetheless, the team that is better in every way possible will win.

San Francisco 49ers @ Dallas Cowboys

Dallas +3

The Dallas Cowboys aren’t close to as beat up as the 49ers are. Dallas can have some form of offense with their wide receiver talent and the defense showed up against the Bengals. This ultimately comes down to the number of quality players the 49ers are missing.

New York Jets @ Los Angeles Rams

Los Angeles -17.5

The Jets have lost all hope, that game against the Raiders was the final nail in the coffin.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Arizona Cardinals

Arizona -6

Get out of here with the Jalen Hurts magic. The Saints played like crap, dropped what was almost certainly a pick-six and just shot themselves repeatedly. The Cardinals are putting themselves back together just in time for a playoff push.

Kansas City Chiefs @ New Orleans Saints

New Orleans +3

This is the type of game where Sean Peyton can fire every bullet in the chamber and not care. If the Saints make the Super Bowl, Taysom Hill won’t be the starter. They can unload everything with Hill to win this game and not be worried about it since he won’t be starting against the Chiefs again. The Eagles game was just odd, it’s what happens in the NFL. The Saints still have a great defense and now is the time to do everything with Hill.

Cleveland Browns @ New York Giants

Cleveland -4.5

First off, thank you Roger Goodell for telling the Dallas Cowboys to get the flex out of Sunday Night Football. You have done Week 15 in the NFL a massive favour. The Browns have been rolling on offense and Baker Mayfield has been playing well over these past couple of weeks. The Giants will either be playing with a hobbled Daniel Jones or Colt McCoy. I like the Browns.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals

Pittsburgh -13

Bounce back game, RUN THE DAMN BALL. Let’s finish Week 15 in the NFL right.


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