Gregg Williams
Bill Kostroun/Associated Press

Gregg Williams, the former Jets defensive coordinator, saved the future of the franchise. Sunday saw the Jets in a battle with the Raiders and they actually had the lead with under 30 seconds remaining. However, Williams knew they had to lose that game even if it meant he would be fired.

Gregg Williams Saved Christmas

The Raiders got the ball back down four with just about 40 seconds remaining in the game. However, needing a touchdown it was absolutely crucial they scored. Williams saw his opportunity to save the franchise. Williams calls for an all-out blitz leaving Henry Ruggs III one on one. Raiders quarterback Derek Carr took advantage to throw it up to Ruggs and let him run right under it for the game-winning touchdown.

If that play never happened the Jets would’ve won and got their first win of the year. Nevertheless, tying them with the Jacksonville Jaguars for that coveted number one pick.

Gregg Williams Saved the Jets Future

Tanking for Trevor is the Jets’ ultimate goal. Williams did the organization a big favor in doing what he did. As far as I’m concerned Williams saved Christmas for Jets fans. However, Adam Gase is still the head coach. The best gift the Jets can give to the fans is getting rid of Gase at the end of the year.

Nevertheless, Jets fans should rejoice and sing praises of the great Williams. The man who saved the franchise. I’ll explain if the Jets won that game the Jaguars lost therefore it would’ve brought them to a tie. Also momentum off the first win of the year. The Jets might have won another game then they could’ve kissed Trevor Lawrence good-bye.

However, as we sit on this glorious Monday the Jets are now still in the lead for Lawrence. Williams will be honored in The Canyon of Hero’s for saving this franchise from itself. The Jets have gotten one step closer to acquiring Lawrence.