Anthony Lynn
The Chargers have an Anthony Lynn problem. The Chargers are too talented of a team to be this bad. (Orlando Ramirez/USA TODAY Sports)

The Los Angeles Chargers are one of the most disappointing teams in the NFL. LA is 4-7 on the season despite having a pretty good roster. SO what’s the issue with the Chargers? I understand that people want to point the finger at Philip Rivers. I get it. He’s old and borderline washed. However, Rivers isn’t the problem. The Chargers have an Anthony Lynn problem.

I said this the day Anthony Lynn got hired. I’ll say it until the day he gets fired. Anthony Lynn is a running back coach. That’s it. He’s not a real head coach. Never has been. Lynn spent 13 years as a running back coach before he got an interim head coaching job with the Bills. Lynn was immediately hired as the Chargers head coach. Does that make any sense? Lynn was never groomed for the position. He was groomed to be a running back coach his whole life.

Anthony Lynn can’t coach. A blind person can see that. In all of the 7 Chargers losses this year, they lost by one possession. That’s coaching. Good coaches win games they shouldn’t. Bad coaches lose all the close ones they should win. Lynn never wins close games. The Chargers have been the comedy of the NFL for finding ways to lose. Fumbling on the goal line and never solving a notoriously bad kicking issue that has lingered around the franchise for what seems like forever.

The Chargers are too good to be losing like this. Ken Wisenhunt had to fall on the sword because Lynn can’t coach. The offense hasn’t gotten better since he left. Look at this roster. LA has three productive running backs. Two good receivers. A stud tight end. Two elite pass rushers. A superstar safety. You will not find many better rosters across the NFL. Lynn finds ways to lose.

The Chargers are moving into a new stadium and can’t sell tickets. This franchise needs a spark. It doesn’t matter who suits up at quarterback if Anthony Lynn remains the coach. This franchise is screwed until they hire a real head coach.