DJ LeMahieu
Bo Bichette calls DJ LeMahieu the best hitter in baseball. Will Bichette help recruit LeMahieu to the great city of Toronto? (Matt Slocum/Associated Press)

Is Bo Bichette doing his best car salesmen impression? DJ LeMahieu felt like a lock to return to the Yankees but the more time that goes on, the more likely it is that LeMahieu seeks greener pastures. The Yankees slugger has given the team every opportunity to get a deal done but they remain at an impasse.

Could Toronto become a potential suitor? Bichette made it clear that he very much wants to play with LeMahieu:

“From my understanding, a lot of the free agents feel really strongly about us, too,” Bichette said. “I will say this. I think DJ LeMahieu is the best hitter in baseball and I don’t even really think it’s close from what I’ve seen. He’s probably the No. 1 player I’d want to play with in the league. If that would happen, that would be awesome for us, but either way our team’s pretty good already. I’m confident we’ll compete.”

Bichette made those comments on Ross Stripling’s show called Big Swing Podcast. This Blue Jays core is exciting. With Vlad Jr and Bichette, adding LeMahieu to the mix would be a scary proposition. Furthermore, it would steal a great player from a division rival.

LeMahieu is coming off a fantastic 2020 season. When Bichette says LeMahieu is the best hitter in baseball, it’s not hyperbole. DJ produced a batting line of .364/.421/.590. It’s virtually impossible to replace that kind of production. LeMahieu has finished in the top five of the AL MVP voting in each of his two years in New York.

DJ LeMahieu remains the biggest chess piece available on the market. Will Brian Cashman continue to go Mr. Krabbs mode and lose DJ?