I’m officially putting my hat in the ring for the open gm job in Jacksonville. Does Trey Daubert make the best candidate? (Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports)

The Jaguars finally fired Dave Caldwell after eight years of mostly terrible football. The Jags are looking for a new general manager. As of right now, they don’t have any candidates for the position. This post will be directed to owner Shad Khan but I’m asking you the reader to make sure it gets to where it belongs. I (Trey Daubert) am officially putting my hat in the ring for the Jaguars gm job.

I believe in honesty so let’s just be real here. It’s going to a special person to turn this franchise around. The last thing I want is someone to draft Justin Fields and then he’s blamed for not winning enough. If any team is going to relocate due to a lack of buzz, it’s the Jags. This is a life and death situation for the entire city of Jacksonville.

What the Jaguars need is a real leader and someone that will start to hold everyone in this organization accountable. I’m not trying to toot my own horn but I have a media company full of people that I guide every single day. I organized weight lifting sessions for our college wrestling team. Anybody you hire is someone you hope can lead the room. I’m already capable of doing so.

It’s so important for a coach and gm to be tied at the hip. I’ve already got my shortlist of head coaching candidates. I’m not the type of guy who’s going to hire a reject like Gus Bradley that has no shot at working. The Jaguars deserve a real coach we can win with.

I know Mr. Khan has the pocket book to afford the best of the best. These are the guys I’d want to interview for the job.

  • Lincoln Riley
  • Brian Kelly
  • PJ Fleck
  • Joe Brady
  • Eric Bieniemy
  • Brian Daboll

There’s a lot of college names on the list but that’s because the coordinator ranks in the NFL aren’t as strong right now. No guy is going to leave a steady college job for a place that doesn’t include a franchise quarterback. Justin Fields is a hell of a place to start.

I mostly want the job because of Justin Fields. Don’t screw this one up. Take Fields and let me do the rest to build this team the way it needs to be built. I could go over all the prospects I like this year but I can’t give other GMs that kind of ammo to use against me.

What Jacksonville really needs is a real talent evaluator. I can link posts in here all day long as references. I don’t need to do that. The previous work I’ve done speaks for itself. The days of picking Derrick Harvey or Dante Fowler early in the draft are over. Jacksonville has a bounty of picks. It’s time to build this puppy the right way.

I can tell you all day long how right I was about Mitch Trubisky or the 2019 wide receiver draft. I don’t need to do that. I know how to actually scout and Jacksonville doesn’t need to miss on high profile draft picks anymore. There isn’t a better scout in the business so it would be just pure negligence to not interview me.

It’s up to you Mr. Khan. You can interview someone who will turn into the next Dave Caldwell and you will continue down the path of mediocrity. OR you can hire me and change the direction of the franchise forever. That’s a decision you have to make. I’ll be expecting your call.