Start Em Sit Em

It’s officially fantasy playoffs time. It might have been fantasy playoffs already for you and this is the next round, or it is the first round for you this week. Either way, this week for fantasy is important. With that being said, this is my Start Em Sit Em this week to help you win your fantasy week and get further in the playoffs.

Start Em Sit Em QBs


Tom Brady: Tom Brady has now had a full week to rest and faces a leaky Vikings defense. Tom Brady will have his way against them. The Vikings could make this game competitive with Adam Thielen, Justin Jefferson, and Dalvin Cook. This will be a high scoring game.

Andy Dalton: The Cowboys face the Bengals defense…or the lack thereof. Even Andy Dalton can succeed against this team. With his high-powered weapons, it’ll be a good day even on a short week.

Sam Darnold: Despite the loss last week against the Raiders that got Gregg Williams fired, Sam Darnold is still proving he’s a helluva QB. The Seahawks somehow made Colt McCoy look good, there’s no doubt Sam Darnold can get solid production too.


Jared Goff: The Rams play the Patriots this week and I am smart enough not to bet against Bill Belichick. Even though the Rams have plenty of weapons, who are you going to trust: Jared Goff or Bill Belichick.

Teddy Bridgewater: I trust the Broncos defense, despite their injuries. They “held” the Chiefs’ offense. They shouldn’t have a problem holding dear old Teddy.

Jalen Hurts/Carson Wentz: Jalen Hurts or Carson Wentz? I don’t care, don’t start either of them. They play the Saints this week who is one of the best teams in the league. The Eagles struggled all season due to their offensive line, that won’t change this week.

Start Em Sit Em RBs


Nyhiem Hines: The Colts play the Raiders and Hines has emerged as the RB1 for the Colts. After the Raiders had trouble stopping…*checks notes* uh…Ty Johnson? There’s no question that Hines can and will eat against the Raiders.

David Montgomery: David Montgomery makes the Start Em list again this week as they play the Texans. Texans haven’t been able to stop anyone on defense, that won’t change this week.

Melvin Gordon: Melvin Gordon is now the unquestioned Broncos RB1. He had a good week against the Chiefs. Given they are playing the Panthers this week, Melvin Gordon should have a great week against the Panthers.


Damien Harris: As impressive as Damien Harris has been for the Patriots, he should not have a good week against the stout Rams Defense. They have been able to stop everyone that comes their way as far as RBs go.

Josh Jacobs: I love my man Josh Jacobs, but coming off a sprained ankle and playing against a stingy Colts defense, I don’t like his fantasy production this week for the Raiders.

Duke Johnson: Duke Johnson and the Texans play the always great defense in the Bears. Deshaun Watson will have to throw for the Texans to win against the Bears, I can’t see Duke being a huge part of that.

Start Em Sit Em WRs


Amari Cooper/CeeDee Lamb: Much like Andy Dalton, the Cowboys WRs should have a good week against a weak defense like the Bengals. Look for big-time production for these guys.

DeVante Parker: I was high on Parker before the season but he hasn’t produced as I thought. I am taking a chance on him this week against the Chiefs. The Chiefs will throw regardless, the Dolphins will have to throw to keep up. This will give Parker more opportunities.

Tim Patrick: WHO?! Yeah. I’m bringing another no name into the start em. Tim Patrick has silently had a decent year for fantasy. For PPR he is ranked 35 on ESPN. He has been the most consistent for the Broncos. Against the Broncos, look for Tim Patrick to be relevant.


Jarvis Landry: The Browns face the Ravens this week in a highly anticipated AFC North matchup. Despite how the game goes, the Ravens will focus on shutting down Jarvis Landry and force Baker Mayfield to throw elsewhere. Don’t start Landry.

Brandin Cooks: After Keke Coutee outshined Cooks last week, I am keeping the same energy this week against the Bears. That only means Keke could be in for another big week if Cooks has a bad week.

Any Patriots WR: Cam Newton only threw for 69 yards against the Chargers, not that he needed to throw it after they thrashed them. However, with the Patriots playing the Rams, I don’t see Cam throwing very well against their defense. Which is bad news for any Patriots WR.

Tight Ends


Dallas Goedert: There’s one thing that is consistent on the Eagles offense and that is the TEs. Whether it is Hurts or Wentz, that doesn’t matter. TEs is the most reliable option for the Eagles and against a team that has had trouble guarding TEs in the Saints. He’s a must-start

Evan Engram: The Giants play the Cardinals this week and they have had trouble guarding TEs. They allowed 22 points combined to the Rams TEs, Which makes Evan Engram an attractive start this week.

Jared Cook: Jared Cook might be the 2nd most reliable receiving option after Michael Thomas. Eagles have had trouble guarding TEs all year as well, start Cook for big points.


Austin Hooper: Like Landry, the Ravens will be a tough matchup for Hooper. Hooper could not get a part of the action in a high-scoring game that was the Browns and Titans. I doubt that changes this week.

Eric Ebron: Eric Ebron has been so-so for the Steelers. However, against the Bills, the Steelers will probably look elsewhere for production. They have Claypool, Diontae Johnson, and JuJu, there won’t be a lot of room for Ebron in this.

Jordan Reed: Washington’s defense has been solid, even though they are young team. Jordan Reed is not even a well known name. He’ll be lost this week in terms of fantasy for the 49ers.