Sam Darnold
I hate to break it to the Jet fans but they’re not getting the first overall pick in 2021. Sam Darnold is too good to allow it to happen. (Bill Kostroun/New York Post)

After the Jets traded Jamal Adams, some Jet fans got carried away. Jet fans think after they traded Adams, they think they’re getting Trevor Lawrence. For some reason, they forgot Sam Darnold exists. Lawrence is a historic prospect but Darnold is too good to let the Jets get the first pick. Sorry Jet fans. You’re not getting Lawrence (unless they trade up somehow).

I want you to think about this. The Jets defense tanked after they lost CJ Mosley. He should be healthy now. Adams wasn’t the difference maker on that defense. CJ Mosley changes the landscape for them. I can make the argument that Adams wasn’t even the most valuable player in the secondary last year. I would argue for Brian Poole who is back again this year. I’m not sure the Jets even take a step back on that side of the ball.

More so than anything, the Jets defense struggled because the offense couldn’t pick up first downs with Darnold. They should have their quarterback for a full season. A minimum, have their quarterback symptom free of mono. A quarterback that had a winning record while recovering from mono carrying the worst roster in the NFL.

If the Jets went 7-6 last year, why can’t they win 7 or more games again? The Patriots took a step back and it’s the AFC. A much less daunting task than winning 7 games in the NFC. There’s reason for optimism that at minimum, the offensive line doesn’t allow the biggest pressure rate in the league again. The offensive line got a face lift. The good news is can’t get worse.

I hate to break it to the Jet fans. Your roster stinks but you’re not getting Trevor Lawrence. That is unless Sam Darnold isn’t on the field. If he is, it’s not happening. Franchise quarterbacks have the ability to carry their team above expectations. Darnold did it last year and is only 23 years old and getting better. The Jets won’t have the first overall pick.