Nyheim Hines
Be careful about rating Jonathan Taylor too high in fantasy. Nyheim Hines deserves a role and does something the other two backs don’t. (Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports)

It seems like a lot of fantasy owners are giddy about Jonathan Taylor, even as a rookie. I don’t quite see it like that. Taylor may end up a productive taiback in Indianapolis, but I don’t see how he takes the league by storm as a rookie in fantasy. Forget about Marlon Mack for a second. Nyheim Hines deserves a role in the Colts offense.

In fantasy, there are things you look for. One of the underrated elements is passing down work. Jonathan Taylor is basically a zero in that category. Marlon Mack can do it, but that’s not his specialty. Nyheim Hines is going to play and play often in that role.

Sure, Hines isn’t the best pure runner. 3.8 yards per carry isn’t great. However, Hines is a great pass catching out of the backfield. In his two career seasons, the former NC State product has 107 career receptions for 745 yards and two touchdowns. No, Hines is not fantasy relevant, but he limits others in the backfield.

Hines is going to be more of a pain in the ass than people realize. 1: Indy would be smart to limit Taylor’s touches after they ran him into the ground at Wisconsin. 2: Hines deserves to keep his role and he’s damn good at it. Philip Rivers isn’t the same guy in terms of horse power. He needs players like Hines to be a difference maker.

The last thing you want in fantasy is a 3 way committee in fantasy. I’m just telling you right now, there’s no reason to believe Nyheim Hines is going away. He does the one thing that Jonathan Taylor and or Marlon Mack can’t do. This is a 3 way running back monster in fantasy. Take that information any way you please.