New York Yankees
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It’s Been a Bad Couple Days for New York Yankees Fans

I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, even Yankees fans. Some individual fans of the New York Yankees are great people. Anthony Fontanello? Love that guy. He’s awesome. But as a collective, I’m not sure if there is a worse fanbase in the country, and that was on full display over this last series with the Boston Red Sox.

It started out on Saturday when the Bronx Bombers beat the division-leading Red Sox in a six-inning farce of a baseball game. Seriously, though. The umpires were unbelievably terrible, the game was played in a monsoon, and the Yankees won off two dinky home runs that scraped over their 200-foot right field fence. Towards the end of the game, some bonehead threw a baseball at Boston outfielder Alex Verdugo, hitting him in the back. Throwing stuff on the field isn’t anything new to these guys, so that isn’t shocking in and of itself. The worst part? Verdugo said later that the fan in question intercepted a ball that Verdugo intended to give to a kid in the stands. Big yikes.

Then a second report came out of New York on Sunday that a fan spit on Jason Varitek’s nine-year-old daughter. That’s some real scumbaggery on display. Spitting on a kid? Seriously?

As Aaron Boone Once Said, “Tighten This Up Now”

I get being mad that the Yankees are an utter disaster this year. They can’t win anything, Aaron Boone thinks double plays are good, and the SimBull share price is teetering on the edge of collapse. Still, none of that is an excuse to throw things at players or spit on kids. What a train wreck.

It’s probably a very small subset of people giving all Yankees fans a bad name, but the halfway decent ones need to help tighten it up. If it is a minority, they are ruining things for everyone else. Shoutout to Font for telling these knuckleheads how to act.

Every fanbase is insufferable when their team is winning. That’s just how being a fan works. However, being insufferable even when your team isn’t very good shows a complete lack of class that is unfortunately starting to become synonymous with being a Yankees fan. That’s really tough when you consider that the Yankees used to be considered the epitome of class at one point in time. Tighten. It. Up.


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