Aaron Boone
Aaron Boone has proven to be a hell of a manager. It’s time for the Yankees to reward him and give Boone a lifetime contract. (Gregory Bull/Associated Press)

The Yankees Should Give Aaron Boone A Life Time Contract

The small market Yankees have performed up to expectations thus far this season. New York sits in fourth place in the AL East being the Jays, Rays, and Sox. Aaron Boone is guiding a sinking ship and should be rewarded for his patience with this poorly constructed ball club. The Yankees should give Aaron Boone a lifetime contract NOW.

The Yankees were just swept by the Red Sox and Boone acted like a consummate professional. There was some controversy in the game where this pitch was called a strike which sent the game to extra innings. A game that the Red Sox would eventually pull out.

Phil Nevin got ejected. So did Carlos Mendoza. Aaron Boone the actual manager? He knew his place. Boone knows the Red Sox are the better team so he took it on the chin and played it cool. Boone did not get ejected and had enough courage to manage this awful team the rest of the game. Sounds like someone the Yankees should be thankful to have.

Boone also had another brilliant quote he should be praised for. Something we all can agree upon.

Credit to Boone here man. Not only is this quote smart, but he’s really bailing out Brian Cashman. What he could have said was “well when my roster is old, slow, and washed up, this is exactly what happens”. Instead, Boone is turning a negative into a positive and he should be praised for that.

Boone has done everything asked of him. In 2018 the Yankees got smoked by the juggernaut Red Sox in the ALDS. In 2019, the Yanks fell short again losing in 6 games to the Astros in the ALCS. A year ago it was losing to the wealthy Tampa Bay Rays team who break the bank for every player.

All of which are respectable results for the small market Yankees that have to be frugal with their pocket books. They don’t have the budget to really go for it. It forces the small market Yankees to hang onto their prospects. Miguel Andujar, Clint Frazier, Tyler Wade? Nope… can’t trade them. The Yankees have to be careful with their prospects. Even known Yankees supporter Buster Olney said so himself during the ESPN broadcast.

Aaron Boone deserves a lifetime contract. Everybody knows you win baseball games at Yankee Stadium with pitching and left handed hitting. The Yankees trot out a lineup every single day with eight right handed bats. Boone is trying his best here. Didi Gregorius was too expensive to keep. That’s simply not Boone’s fault.

Keep in mind this is what the Yankees wanted. Joe Girardi was too strict. Accountability is something this organization doesn’t value. Calming presence, cool heads, and intelligent quotes. Boone fits everything this front office values.

It’s not his fault the Red Sox have a bigger pocketbook. It’s not his fault Giancarlo Stanton is a bum. It’s not his fault Gerrit Cole isn’t as good as Zack Wheeler. It’s not his fault that Aaron Judge fixed the gap between his teeth. It’s not his fault that the Yankees are so poor that they had to gift wrap Adam Ottavino to the Red Sox. Aaron Boone deserves better. The Yankees fan base should just be happy they’re ahead of Baltimore in the standings. That’s all because of Boone’s heroics with this sad ball club.

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