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NBA Power Forwards Ranked

Morry Gash/Associated Press

NBA Power Forwards Ranked 2020-2021: Vendetta Sports’ Top 10

NBA Power Forwards Ranked
Morry Gash/Associated Press

We are now on the 4th position of our position rankings of the year. That’s right, this is your NBA Power Forwards ranked list. While the top 6 was pretty much easy, the 7-10 spots are definitely weird. However, they still fit pretty well. Those that participated in this list were Trey, Jackson, Karl, Jeremy, Dacota, and myself. Please check out our Point Guard, Shooting Guard, and Small Forward rankings as well. Here are our results for our NBA Power Forwards ranked list.

#10 Kevin Love

Average Ranking: 12.6

This old fart still made the list. That 12.6 only points out how close this list was for the last two spots of the top 10. I think Kevin Love fell off a cliff, but he still is talented and has flashes of his old self here and there. There are others I thought could have made it here but Kevin Love at 10 isn’t the worst thing in the world.

#9 Danilo Gallinari

Average Ranking 11.3

Despite his 11.3 average, Gallinari ranked 9th on this list. If that doesn’t show the discrepancy between the rankings, I don’t know what will. Jeremy was the lowest of Gallinari with having him unranked. I was the next one that had him ranked at 12th in the league. Trey and Jackson had Danilo in the top 10 with 7 rankings. We can accept a 9th ranking for now, but I don’t think he makes the top 10 next year.

#8 John Collins

Average Ranking: 9.6

John Collins rank got DESTROYED by Trey’s ranking. Trey did not have him ranked which gave him a rank of 21. That is why John Collins rank is so low. Without Trey’s ranking, he has an average ranking of 7.4. Which would be good enough to pass the next guy on the list. Still, John Collins is ranked top 10, that should be good enough for everyone.

#7 Jaren Jackson Jr.

Average Ranking: 8.3

“Man, the JJJ love makes my heart happy.” -Jackson Law

JJJ ranked quite higher than I personally expected. I ranked him at 13, but everyone else ranked him at either 6,7 or 9. I definitely could have just missed on this and have been sleeping on JJJ. I just thought it was premature for him to be top 10 YET.

#6 Pascal Siakam

Average Ranking: 6.1

This was a weird ranking, but it definitely fits. Siakam struggled mightily in the playoffs last year and that affected some of our rankings and not so much the others. Karl, Dacota, and Jeremy ranked him at 4 despite his playoff performances. While Trey, Jackson, and I ranked him at 8 or 9.

#5 Zion Williamson

Average Ranking: 5.1

Zion at 5 was a little surprising for me. Especially since his impact on the court is immediately felt. Although the next person on this list was ranked in consensus at 5, Zion ranks below him because of the average. Trey, Jackson, and myself ranked Zion at 4. While the others ranked him at 6 or 7. Zion should hopefully have another strong year, hopefully he can stay healthy.

#4 Domantas Sabonis

Average Ranking: 5

I was slightly surprised that we all voted Domantas Sabonis at 5. I thought I was high on my own ranking because of him playing in Indiana. But, real recognize real for all of us. We can recognize that Sabonis has extreme talent. I’m glad he is up this high.

#3 Jayson Tatum

Average Ranking: 3

There’s not a lot to say about this ranking. Jayson Tatum was the consensus 3rd best PF for all of us that voted. Not going to be good enough to pass that, but 3rd isn’t bad at all for a young player like Tatum.

#2 Anthony Davis

Average Ranking: 1.8

All of us except for Karl had Anthony Davis at 2. Karl picked Anthony Davis as his #1 PF and he shouldn’t receive any criticism. It’s a completely fair take. Anthony Davis has a solid offensive game, at least way more than Giannis. The rest of us voted him as 2 because #1 is amazing without much offensive game.

#1 Giannis Antetokounmpo

Average Ranking: 1.1

5 of us had Giannis as the number 1 PF in the NBA. The lone rider that had him at 2 was Karl. He stands firm that Giannis is limited but can appreciate his talent. Giannis is still young enough to expand his offensive game, the fact that he is still #1 for our PFs and lacking that is crazy!

Those Who Missed The Cut

There were a lot of close rankings that just missed the cut. Kevin Love’s average ranking was 12.6. Those who were close to it were Blake Griffin with 13, Robert Covington with 14.1, and Christian Wood with 14.8. I personally had two of these guys in my top 10 with Covington and Wood. I think they will be in the top 10 next year. While Griffin hasn’t been healthy in forever, so we will see if he ever gets back in the top 10. That concludes our NBA Power Forwards ranked list, which ones did we get right? Which ones are totally wrong?




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